yeah I am a very happy bunny another 5 pound down the week!
Thats 16lb gone since I got back on track and in total 45 lost sonce the start of my CD journey!

I have now gone from 14.6(april 06) to 11.5 (sept 06)

Theres only another 5 1/2 to go till I will be in the 10's which will be the first time in about 15yrs!!WHOOPPEE!!!!

Off to have a zero coke to celebrate!!

Have a great day all Lou XX
Thats brilliant well done xx

Well Done :) :D

BRILLIANT RESULT!!!! Good on you for nearly being at goal. Only a few more pounds to go.

Enjoy the coke zero!!!
Well done Lou :) , you have done so well and nearly at goal. Let me into your secret - how did you get back on track??? :eek: any tips will be greatly welcomed :D

keep up the good work and take care
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thanks for all your lovely replies!

Heather in regard to getting back on track...well I had a wobble last week my excuse was my birthday last wed, but had lost a good chunk the week before (11lb) so that was a good boost.

I have just realised that if I want to get this weight off I have to put the effort in, I know the diet works and I know you see results really you reap what you sow!

I have been a little naughty this time round though:eek: , I am blessed by the fact that I just go into ketosis with no side effects at matter what I have eaten the day before, so i have been allowing myself a treat on my day off, I then get back on track 100% for the next 6 days till wi. It seems to be working for me, I know its not the way its supposed to be, but it seems to have kept me on track and focused for the week ahead. The only down side is the fact I am treating myself with food...which should be something I have got out of the habit of!
(i know I shouldnt so if i need to go to detention I will!!!:rolleyes: and do lines if necessary!!!)

anyway...obvioulsy ss-ing should be 100% all of the time and what I am doing is not a good example to set! :confused:

Just focus on where you want to be and one of the things I find very bizzare is the artificial fat lump my cdc has,........its so weird...every week when I have lost she has given it to me to realise what I have got rid of........having now lost 16lb(this time round) I have lost 3 of her fat the hell has that much gone in 3 weeks????more bizzare is how did I carry an extra 40 odd lb round with me?????????????

I bought 2 bags of kids sand the other day each weighed 10kg(about 20 lb) carrying them from the car I realised I had lost that amount of weight it was so did I let myself get that bad and have that excess weight on me!!!!??????

All I can say is thank god I found cd.and all you lovely people!!!

have a wonderful evening and just keep your goal in mind and your achievements so far.

hugs Lou X
great post lou - and i for one am glad you're here!!! x
Thanks for that Lou, lots of goods vibes coming from you :). I am so near my goal yet it seems so far out of reach, I need to remind myself why I want to lose the rest of the weight and set a realistic target. I know I can do it I found it so easy when I started but it is the re-starting that is the problem, couldn't get past day 3 but now I can't get past day 1. Just finished night and am now going to bed so I can get up with my new positive head on - I WILL DO IT!:) :) :)