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another newbie

I just started with the xenical this morning and touch wood not had any symptoms as of yet, and going to be trying hard to keep the fat down wherever possible, have switched to skimmed milk because i drink loads of the stuff and also moving over to low fat spreads, although i don't really use much of that tbh

so, today i have eaten

1 medium banana, low fat yoghurts and a toasted teacake scraped with l.f.s

chicken and bacon deli sandwich at mcd (work there) no mayo and a fruit bag

ham salad sandwich and another yoghurt with raspberries and blackberries

also have a go ahead wafer biscuit to eat when i get out of bath with a cuppa

haven't done any formal exercise today but have been on feet all day at work, i work in the dining area so spend all day running round clearing tables and sweeping up etc etc

at the moment i am 19st 10 :cry: and as an interim measure would like to get down to 15st but will be happy to take it a stone at a time so my first goal is to be 19 stone and see where it goes from there

my main food weaknesses are

crisps, crisps and more crisps and also rather fond of pastry so going to be difficult to avoid but i am sure my knees and ankles will thank me for this
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Good luck with the xenical, i am sure you will do fine once you stick to the low fat, and you will not experience any side effects. I have had the side effects a couple of times, from eating the wrong type of food!! not good oops!! You will get loads of support on here, everyone is great!!!

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
hiya and good luck on your diet x

i've only been on them for a week and will see what i have lost in the morning .

i've had no accidents but havent been eating an awful lot cos i'm trying to get off to a good start.

i too love crisps but have managed to do without this week :rolleyes:
good morning everyone yesterday was not a good day as i had some virally thing and felt too sick to eat had one bowl of tomato soup so left off the xenical

have found the perfect xenical snack soreen (only if you like it without lashings of butter lol)0.5g fat per 100g and 0.1g of fat per 1/8 a loaf so perfect for breakfast for me because i adore the stuff especially with a banana on the side... so thats what i had for breakfast this morning... planning on having a very lean gammon round with pineapple, baked potato and mixed veg and probably have some soup at teatime back to work tomorrow can anybody point me in the direction of something quick and non frozen that i can pop in for my lunch at work can't keep eating chicken deli sandwiches lovely though they are lol
good morning, going to have a sneaky weigh this morning before work.. not due until thursday but going mad waiting, my work uniform feels a little looser this morning so hopefully will be good news

had my little blue pill this morning with 2 slices soreen, a banana and a pear also 2 glasses of water

havent decided what to have for lunch and dinner as of yet so will update later

cross your fingers for me x
good day today, had a banana and a yoghurt for breakfast , a boots shapers sandwich and a fruit salad for lunch and having fish fingers (grilled) small portion oven chips and baked beans for tea (kids choice but still fits in plan so we all happy) had about 9 glasses of water too and feeling wonderfully refreshed for drinking loads

p.s LOST 4LB THIS WEEK WOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo (sorry for shouting couldnt help it lol)
good morning everyone, woke up this morning with really wierd feeling in stomach, not painful as such just fluttery bit like moving baby in early stages (know for certain i am not lol) just had some wholemeal toast with a scrape of jam for breakfast and no coffee (boohoo) because i have run out lol

so it shopping day and official weighing day hope i weigh a bit less than yesterday fingers crossed and find some nice healthy treats at the supermarket

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