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Another Question ....

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S: 12st5lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 0st3lb(1.73%)
Get yourself to Tesco... they have a biggest loser shake shaker. Easy ;)

I use a smoothie maker shaker thing i've got. It does it's job LOL

A hand whisk also does it quite well.

Add extra water. I usually put about 500mls in my shakes as they can be a bit thick otherwise.


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I have a beaker with a plastic mesh thing in it which froths the shake and breaks down the lumps.... some people have different types of beakers, some use a hand whisk ~ obviously I use the whisk and a jug for the hot soups....... learnt that the hard way!! Also the amount of liquid you add varies with taste.... instructions say 200-250mls per sachet. I use 300 others use up to 500, depends how thick you like it. I also empty the sachet into the liquid and not the other way round...... not sure there's much else I can say about how you make them :) Good luck and if you have any more questions there's always someone around to ask!!


I will do this!!!
i got a shaker from argos, its got the mesh piece in and makes the shakes up perfectly.


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i use my shaker i had when on LT i dnt like it when wizzed to frothy i think superdrug sell the celebrity slim ones


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I use a smoothie maker, as I like to blend ice in with my shakes. :D


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I use a hand blender.

When I make them up hot I just mix them in a cup with hot water (a bit first, and then a bit more) but they do take a lot of mixing this way.

I tend to use ~500mls too, otherwise I find them too thick for me

TT Tessie

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Hi there

Link above has few ideas I've just quoted you my response can't decide whether I'm efficient or Lazy! I think its def worth playing about to find your preferred taste and then you'll be sorted. good luck. :)

I'm with Starlight. The Coffee Frother/ Aerolatte is the way to go. Handy & portable. Loads on-line. Or inStore Sainsburys have the bodum one.

I have a large glass 3/4 fill with water then powder. Doing it other way makes it lumpy.

Shakers made it too lumpy, hand blender too Frother but Goldilocks is now a v happy girl. Think its just trial & error.

good luck

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