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Any Ladies had the Implanon Implant?

hiya, i had it in, and after having it removed i was healthy eating so im not sure if it will help, but a lot of contraceptives can make u gain or lose weight, i think if your eating well then u will see results :)
as for the period i cant remember hun, but got a massive scar from having it removed! xxx
Yeah I had a nasty scar too :( my periods were all over the place when I was on it an it took a good three months for them to settle after it came out? But I did have a coil put in the same day so that could be why? Give it a week then if it's not stopped go an see the GP :)

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I had the implanon and thought it was making it hard to lose weight but when I had it taken out I didn't really see any difference so I'm not sure whether the hormones had any bearing on my weight gain. I have since had another baby and am considering the implanon again but am not sure. As for the bleeding I think I may have just had a normal-ish period when it came out.
my scar hasnt faded :( xxx
it doesnt hurt as they give u an anesthetic (sp?) the same as when they put it in, although it does ache and bruise up afterwards xxx
I've had two implants in and were fab but lost weight and one moved my,gp had to send me to hospital to get a scan done to locate it.he opened two wounds and spent forever looking for it.
awww lenny79 that sounds horrible!! :(
magri-jade did u have an injection before they inserted it? im sure u must have had an anaesthetic!! xxxx


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I on the other hand am the opposite - I had it in last october and am only just seeing that my periods are going back to normal, if not non exsistant this month! Strange, bleeding to death for nearly a year!!!! then it stops go figure - as for weight gain, id like to blame it on this but I'm just a greedy fat *****!!! xxx
I was the same though was straight back on the pill when I came off (thank goddness must have been anaemic the whole time!) I find both implant pill no affect on my weight but I still have a wee scar due to the doctor poking around my arm for ages trying to find it!

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