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Any Lee Childs fans out there?



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I've read 'Bad luck and trouble' and 'The Hardway'. Both FANTASTIC. I love Jack Reacher as a charactor...what a guy!!! I really need to get the other books.....

Sharon runs off to check out prices on Amazon!!!


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I too have read them all and cannot wait for the new one. Jack Reacher is amazing :D
try the library for all the others...check out Lee Childs website for a full list.....the new one comes out soon can't wait
Jack Reacher, he's such a great character, takes no messing, and you always know he's gonna get the girl lol! Got 'Killing floor' free with some magazine a few yrs back, and was hooked. Have read them all since then, and would say 'tripwire' is possibly my favourite, altho, none of them are anything less than brilliant! :)


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Now I want to re-read them and they're packed away - wah!! :cry:
New one is out waiting till I get back to work monday so I can get mine :)
oh how i wish there was a real jack reacher in this world lol. ;)
love his character although have only read one book, second ones right next to me and about to start in a min.


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great set of books allways read them when they come out try to wait for paperbacks but impataince useally gets me to buy hard backs


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Working my way through them all, sort of in order, depending when they are available at the library.

Just reading Back Luck and Trouble, and listening to Echo Burning book tape in the car, so all bases covered:D.

If only Reacher was real :sigh:
got all the books, haven't got round to reading them all yet due to starting a law degree! but my favourite so far is the visitor, just couldn't figure that one out!
And i was so sad when i found out Lee Child was signing his newest in Manchester, the day before he was doing it, no way i could've made plans to get there from liverpool in a day! :cry:
Love Jack Reacher and have met Lee Childs at a talk/book signing in Milton Keynes and got to ask him some really good questions, my favourite so far is Without Fail. I have his new one on my bookshelf but have not got round to reading it yet (it is next on my list) I eagerly await each April for the latest book to be released (although there is talk about another book being released in September) and my hubby and I often have discussions/arguments about which actor could play Jack. if I had any gripes about Jack it would be the fact that A. Most women who sleep with him end up dead and B. After 12 books he still gets away with assaulting and killing people with no consequences at all lol.
Btw, if you enjoy Lee Childs you will also enjoy Robert Crais.

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