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Any November starters looming about out there!?

Believe in yourself Lula, you can do it. Use your therapy each week. Use these boards daily (if you can) to ask questions, get hints, tips and support and advice. Even to have a moan!

I really believe that if you keep the reason/s why you came to LL in the first place at the front of your mind it will help you keep going forwards. There may be hurdles to overcome on the way but you can do it!

Kat xx


Happily pro pointing!
Hello, yes i will be starting in nov :D

As long as every thing goes to plan i will start on thur 5th nov.

Just hope i can stick to not eating :(

liz x
You will be just fine lula! And as soon as that weight starts falling off you won't want to stop. In theory you should be 2 stone down by Christmas!

I am starting on Thursday too (meeting Weds night, start packs Thurs). Can't wait!
Glad to see there are some November starters out there!

Kat xx
Best of luck to all the Novemberites! The forum is great for tips, hints and of course support.

Feel free to pop onto our October starters threads - you will see what we all went through in the early days - it gets easier as time goes by.
Good luck Aimee, Lula and Ali.
This is your week.
Thats Great ! Were all starting on Thursday !

Im making the most of my last few days of food,although im not going over the top.

Just wish it was thursday....

Oh yeah great we're all starting on the same day :) I just wish it was thursday too already, can't wait to start! Good luck!
:) hi all
I actually started abstinence yesterday morning, so i hope it's ok for me to join you guys...doesn't quite feel right coming in on the last day of October and joining the October group IYKWIM

anyways i'm just coming up to the end of my 2nd day and still going strong, although i won't lie and say it hasn't been difficult at times..especially when feeding my 9 month old ;) didn't really register how much i must've been picking at his food as well as my own.

my usual weigh in day will be Thursday evenings...like a few of you i see...i wasn't able to start last Thursday so my councillor met me on a one to one basis on Saturday morning to start me off...

can't wait until Thursday comes around now to see how i get on:D

just hope i can maintain my willpower i seem to have lost that somewhere along the way...think the kids must've taken it from me LOL

wishing you all the best of luck

Cla!re x
Hi Cla!re and welcome to LL an Minimins!

Good luck with your journey.

Kat xx
Just wanted to say Good Luck all November starters!

Hope you will be much lighter by Christmas and beyond. xx :)

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