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  1. Hi everyone,
    I started cd on Tuesday for the first time, so nearly at the end of day 4 100%.
    I'm getting married in April and so need weight loss fast!! Anyone also got a wedding to aim for? Or can anyone help with how realistic my goals are? I have no idea how much weight is possible to lose in four weeks? Xxx
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  3. vicki_b85

    vicki_b85 Member

    Good luck and well done so far! It's a toughie but totally worth it when you see the lbs dropping off. I'm doing it for my wedding in May this year so also needed something quick! It's definitely a good incentive to do it, just think how amazing you'll feel on the big day. Keep me posted on how you're doing, how much are you aiming to lose? Xx
  4. I'm hoping to lose at least 12pounds, but would love a stone-I don't know if that's possible? I normally lose 0.5-1lb a week on other diets so it always comes off slow. I'd been doing slimming world since September and have lost 1stone 4lb, but was really struggling with this last bit.
    Got my first weigh in today! Excited/nervous!!x
  5. vicki_b85

    vicki_b85 Member

    It's usually a stone a month, so I don't see why you can't achieve that! How did you get on at weigh in today?
  6. I lost 5lb!!! Made up with that! Especially as it was only 4 days. A stone a month is crazy??!
    Today's been the hardest day sticking to it-it's so much easier when I'm in work busy, not out shopping and in coffee shops!x
  7. vicki_b85

    vicki_b85 Member

    That's brill! You're well on your way!
    What date do you get married? Hope you're not too stressed, I'm trying very hard not to turn into bridezilla haha! X
  8. I get married on the 11th April, what about you?how much are you trying to lose? I'm not stressed, only stress I've had has been about losing weight!x
  9. vicki_b85

    vicki_b85 Member

    Mine is on 24th may.. Ideally 2 stone by then, but it's only just under 10weeks away.. It can be done but I also want to enjoy my hen do. I've lost 11lbs so far in 10 days x
  10. Wow 11lb!!! Well done that's amazing, how long is that in? You'll easily do 2stone if u carry on like that.
    I know what u mean about hen do, I've got mine on sat and already worrying bout how much il gain?I want to enjoy it, but at the same time don't want to undo everythin!x
  11. vicki_b85

    vicki_b85 Member

    I think if it's just one night (or weekend as mine is) we should be ok.. It's not going to be a huge amount... Hopefully lol
    What are you doing for your hen do?

    I've just realised I never properly introduced myself, ha! Anyway, I'm Vicki from Sheffield, it's nice to talk to someone who is doing this crazy diet for a wedding, all my friends think I'm mental lol xx
  12. Ha my friends too-the few that I've told, I'm trying to keep it to myself really. Generally people don't approve I've found? I'm laura from Liverpool.
    My hen on Saturday is just a bar I've reserved then out in Liverpool City centre, so one night hopefully shouldn't do too much damage?!!
    In feb I had a weekend away in Madrid, and was doing slimming world at the time-only put half a pound on?!!!some kind of miracle. I doubt il be so lucky this time.
    R u going to have normal food before urs? I asked my cdc and she said have a meal the day before and on the day so the alcohol doesn't make me sick?x
  13. Soph2910

    Soph2910 Full Member

    Hi girls, sorry to but in - not quite the bride but I am going to be Maid of Honour at my sister's wedding in 5 weeks! Lost a stone in my first 3 weeks but still got 15lbs to go! Hoping its possible! Got her surprise hen weekend which I planned next weekend but I am sticking 100% to plan (as its not my hen) and going to hold out and really enjoy the wedding! xx
  14. Jo1989

    Jo1989 Gold Member

    Getting married in July! Your goals are all definitely possible, back here on a restart and I originally lost 1.5stone in the first four weeks, and a stone every 4 weeks following. Aiming for a 3 stone loss in 12 weeks and know from experience its definitely possible!

    Good luck!
  15. todssc97

    todssc97 Member

    well done
  16. Luna R

    Luna R Member

    Hello other brides/maids of honour! I'm back on Cambridge and hoping to loose two stone by June - I'm thinking the only way to do this is sole source? Have you got your dresses? Are they able to take them in easily enough? Good luck, where there's a will there's a way (I hope!) X
  17. Soph2910

    Soph2910 Full Member

    Hi Luna and welcome! You can easily achieve that! I say go for Sole Source and push it! I've got my final dress fitting this Sat for being maid of honour at my sisters wedding next Sat! Mine was 2 sizes too big 2 weeks ago but she was waiting for final fit this week to start alterations - hoping it's another size too big now! You can do it ? il be straight back on Sole Source after wedding weekend next weekend to carry on to lose my last stone! Cambridge is the best! X
  18. Jo1989

    Jo1989 Gold Member

    I'd expect to lose 20lbs in the first month and 14lbs each month after so definitely achievable. Such an amazing diet to follow.
  19. Halebob

    Halebob Full Member

    Hi ladies. I'm Hayley from Blackpool. I haven't started CD yet as have mine and other halfs birthdays soon so going to start after that on CD. I have just ordered celebrity slim in the mean time so I can get started on the weight loss. I'm getting married on 29th June so only 10 weeks to go. Aiming for at least 2 loss before my hen party in 8 weeks time.
    I've done lighter life before and have been on slimming world forever but just not getting anywhere quickly with it. I ordered a size smaller in my dress to spur me on to lose weight but hasn't quite gone to plan so need something quick so my dress fits me. Just don't want to be a fat bride.

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