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Any other 'low' weekly losers out there?


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My weigh-in isn't until Friday morning and I think I'll have about 2lb off again this week (using my scales as a rough guideline). I'd be delighted if it was more, but I don't think it will be. I get jealous reading of others 4-5lbs weekly losses and wonder where I'm going wrong? Some of you will know I have a 'picking' problem, but its nowhere near as bad as it was, so shouldn't be a huge factor in my losses. Splitting up a flapjack to nibble on has helped a LOT this past week.

My ketostix have been negative for a few weeks now, which can mean a few things- they've been exposed to moisture/heat & are now faulty, I'm drinking too much fluids and flushing away the excess ketones so they're not registering, or my body had adapted, and is only producing the ketones my body needs- and no excess (which is what the strips measure?).

Is anyone else out there only losing 1-2lbs a week. Or is there anyone who WAS only losing this amount then did something different and started having bigger losses?
Help? :wave_cry:
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Are you exercising irish? This could be the factor - if you are stop.

How much water are you drinking? I'm on 4ltrs a day ...

And picking really will make a difference - once you cut that out i've no doubt you could pull 4lbs :)


A little of everything!
Hi Summer- I was walking 3 miles a day in 40mins five days a week before starting LT, then my pharmacist advised I avoid it for the first few weeks (I didn't need told twice! LOL!)
I'm averaging 5.5l water/fluid a day? Thats including black tea, excluding the shakes, with a minimum of 5 pints coming from 'pure' water?

I'd really be happy with a 3lb per week loss, it's disheartening seeing all the 'big' losers on here, but I know I have myself to blame a bit with my 'picking' problem...but hopefully that'll soon be beaten! Thanks for the positive vibes though!
Sometimes a small loss is followed by a large one, I've noticed. Hopefully things will speed up for you next week, hun. :fingerscrossed:


A little of everything!
Thanks Sharon, I live in hope?? I've tried to be extra 'good' this last few days so hopefully it'll pay off? Please God. If so, it'll help 'prove' to me if I'm good I'll lose more (if that makes sense?) Roll on friday...


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Lol irish!!!

Well what things are you picking at?

5.5ltrs of water is very good going!!!!!!! :D superdooper!!

I dont really understand why you are only get 2lbs but 2lbs is an amazing amount to lose every week - thats 16 sausages or a bag of sugar - go feel how heavy that is! :)

Maybe if you really cant stop picking try having 2 shakes and 1 very healthy balanced meal a day? Kind of like refeed but all the time (NO CARBS!!) this way you should stay in ketosis and lose weight. Not sure if a pharmacy would let you do this though. x


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You can't really expect best possible results unless you're sticking to it 100%.
IMHO you're lucky to be losing if you're eating ANYTHING! Sorry if it sounds harsh but you could really do with deciding what's more important to you ... if you need to pick you'll have to be happy with whatever you get.
For best results - quit the picking .... sorry again. x


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I'm only losing 2lbs a week at the moment, but I've got to the stage now where I don't care what the numbers are, I can feel myself shrinking. My clothes are all getting too big again. I'm off to Poole this weekend and I'm going to stock up on some size 14s:D. I worked out this morning that the last time I was down to a size 14 I was 20 years old:eek:. Sorry I'm waffling and have totally gone off subject:eek:


A little of everything!
Tellings off noted (& appreciated..in a weird kind of way! LOL!)

I think it's the kids leftovers that are sabotaging me. I'll have a piece or two of a chopped up fishfinger, or a piece of beef out of a stew for my hubby or something. It's never more than a 'bite', and I have cut down this past day or two. I'm still showing a 2lb loss on my scales, so hopefully it'll also appear on the pharmacies? Then thats it. I'm going to re-focus and try my absolute hardest to stick to this 100%.
Thanks for the chastisement again.:copon::wave_cry:
Hi IrishMum,
I've lost nearly six stone in the last few months and have never lost more than 4lb in one week. This week I only lost 1.5lb. I too am jelous of the bigger losers but it doesn't seem so bad now that I'm nearly at target! I have also had weeks where the ketostix show negative for no reason as I haven't cheated so I've given up using them now because they do my head in!
You are not alone!


One last chance
You say your picking isn't as bad, are you saying you are still picking?

If so, then you won't lose as much as you are hoping to. I've been following LT 100% and the majority of my losses are between 1-3lbs which I am not too pleased about but it's better than gaining. My weight loss has slowed down soooo much but I guess it's because I haven't got much more to lose and because I am near my target weight.

What you should do is just follow the rule 100% and I mean no cheating, no picking, nada!

For LT to work properly and for you to get the best results, you have to be strict. It's as simple as that really.

Drink lots of water and stay off the exercise until you are near target I think.

Dividing your shakes or flapjack is not recommended says the people who run the LT programme, that can slow down your weight loss.

And if your still losing 2lbs every week and following LT by the letter than maybe that's just how your body works.

How long have you been on LT and how much more weight are you trying to lose?

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