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Any slim virgins (or ones to be??)

...Just wondered how many of us out there are slim/going to be slim for the first time in their adult lives, and how many have been slim before and are working their way back to Slimville!

I would have liked to see a Poll of have been and gonna be's, but dont know how to do that!:confused:

I have NEVER been slim :sigh: been overweight and fat since puberty! So, for me its all alien and have never experienced, slimming to 'get back into old clothes'

It feels good though....weird, but good :D:D:D

have a good one all

Anni(who is gonna be slim one day!):)
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Me. I've never been smaller than a size 18 as an adult.
I remember weighing 14 stones when i was 14!!!! shocking...and im only 5ft 2...from then it just crept up and down, but never went below 13.9! Which is the weight i was when i got married and a size 18.

Im sad that i never discovered CD before my wedding....i would have loved to look gorgeous on the day....just how a bride should!
ive never been slim as an adult or even as a teen.
i started gaining weight when i had my tonsils out at age 4. i went from fairy to fat within a year of that time.
until then i hadnt been able to eat properly as i was always poorly. i think after the operation i discovered enjoying food for the first time
i was slim until about 15, but since then i havent been below a size 14 so i would say i would have been a slim virgin, but being a size 10 now, i can officially say i have had my cherry popped! lol :D:D



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i have never known slim before, i remember buying size 14 when i was 12 yrs old, and apart from losing a stone after giving birth to my eldest i have always stayed 16s 5lb until the last 3 years the weight piled on out of nowhere.... i can't wait!!!! :):):):)
I was slim until I was about 22 then I just got bigger and bigger and bigger. Most of the time I did not even notice how much weight I was putting on. I blamed the "wrong" sizes on clothes tags for me having to get the next size up, never the fact that I was galloping through the dress sizes faster than a bullet!

I blamed everything and everyone but myself.
I was slim until my early 20's and then I went on my first diet and binged as soon as it was over putting on all the weight I'd lost and more. Since then I've never been less than a size 16 and up until starting CD I was a size 22/24. I'm loving being a size 16 again for the first time in nearly 20 years and I can't wait to get down to the 14's and 12's. I can't wait to find out how great being slim is! x.
I bought a dress for my 13th birthday party in a size 14 from wallis. I am now a size 14 bottom and 10-12 top so this is all new to me too! x x
I have always been big too school uniforms haunt me to how ugly they were, put on weight after school and college and now have decided at 24 I need make the change to become happier and more confident x


Happiness in a shake!
I was slim until I was about 17~then left home and found the joys of buying and cooking own food, I was always 12-13 stone, till after I had my daughter 3 years ago, then lazy eating habbits and binge eating, made me pile on the pounds/stones.
Looking forward to classing myself as thin/slim!
I was of a normal size through childhood. I was in the Scouts and participated in a whole bunch of outdoor pursuits; hiking, pioneering, rock climbing, canoeing, orienteering etc. etc. When I was 16 I played hockey for my college. I put weight on when I got a car, then more at Uni, and then lost it again when I got a hard working job. Then piled it back on when I was about 24-25 and kept on gaining...
chubby kid mum took me to WW at 12 so i stuffed myself to get my own back. I then starved myself to 9 1/2st when i was 16/17 then fell pregnant and had another child at 21 and went up to size 24 and 19 stone yo yo'd from size 18/20 until now so this will be my first time slim as an adult i suppose
well we are all going to look fab in no time and be skinny for most of us for the first time ever yay x x
Since Hit age 20 I have not weighed lower than 15 stones The most I have weighed has been 21 stone EEK!

I have Yoyo'd but 15 is the lowest. Thats why I'm so desperate to get into my 14's!!!!

Not long now!!!
I've been "normal" weight but I've never been slim :sigh:

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please try again
me me, im a virgin! lol
i was underweight as a child and was very active but when puberty hit the weight went on, my mum was so upset as i wasnt eating more and was very active
i gained more after an incident when i was 18 and when i had my wee girl early i gained 6 stone in a year eating crap by her hospital bed

i cant wait to go shopping in thin people shops insted of evans
Been fat and slim on and off since late teens. The slimmest I have been is a size 12 and 9 stones 4 or 5 pounds.
But the pattern in recent years has been to get down to about 9 and a half stones and then quickly regain stones.
This must be the last time of drastic dieting!
I remember being a size 12 when i was 15, but since then i have always had "puppy fat"...then i hit 18 and just got bigger and bigger and bigger i am now at my heaviest i have ever been!
I cant imagine being slim or buyin smaller than a 16 but im so excited!!! xxx

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