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Any WW leaders out there to answer me this??

Hi folks,

I'm a good oul Irish girl and love my Guinness,WW online say that a pint is 6pp.

Here's where is get confused....... If you go onto the guinness website and work out the pp in a pint of guinness it works out to be 2pp....which i think is mad.


Per 100ml

Protein 0.3
Carbs 2.7
Fat 0.0
Fibre - not on official web, but looks to be 0.0

SO....if i put in the above for 100ml, and a serving is 567ml the calculator gives me 2pp.

Am i going mad, or do WW work out the PP in alchol differently??

Confused Cat
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i cant figure it out either,,all i know is a bottle of wine is now 19:(
In one of the books, it says that alcohol is worked out differently as there is not enough information on the labels for us to work it out, so WW have worked out the values for us. That doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, but that's what they say.
just googled it and it came up as 6pp
It just doesn't make sense! I don't see if the official website has all the info bar fibre that WW point it 4 more than the WW official calculator!

The only way for me to get the pp to 6 on the calculator is to make the fibre as 25!!

I think I'll get onto WW directly, coz it doesn't add up of you have all the nutritional info from the official site and it doesn't match what they are saying!
If you do get on to them would you let us know what they are saying to it? Would be interested to hear. I am quite gutted at the huge points hike in alcohol...........:-(
Sketchy is right Laura!
I'll get my email on to WW and see what they come back with and let you know!!

I don't mind if it is 6 pp each.... I just need to know why!!! I'm such a questioner!!

Wish me luck!!

Doesn't it say in the Pocket Guide book that comes with the starter pack, why the alcohol is different? I'm pretty certain it's to do with it's high calorie value, but low Nutritional value, so the points on the calculation are not accurate to the propoints value of the drink in relation to the diet plan.

Look in the Pocket Guide, it's there somewhere :)
Thanks for the replies everyone!
Im a WW online, so ive no books!
I did try searching on WW online, and couldnt find it until i did a complete search of the WW website...and it said it was 6pp for a pint.

I think i will still email them, im really interested to see how the work out the WW points for alcohol...just to see and satisify my curiousity!

All i know its Guiness is good for Iron intake! therefore it will be very high in fibre! but not sure how much! i'd stick with 6pp WW have obviously stated that value for a reason imo :(

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