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Anybody else feel the need to weigh less than their sister?

Its one's sister

Dear sister... now i may weigh less than you but this is all i have... as you've told me on many an occasion.. i swam in the shallow end of the gene pool and so im short :mad: and distinctly average in the looks department :cry:haha.

slimming world tomorrow for you tomorrow.. but im still gonna whoop your but on the weight losses each week.

Bring it oooonnnnnn sister... (older sister..:D)
Not quite wanting to beat her but there's a recent photo of us with our daughters and we all have similar faces but my face is four times the size of theirs!
I just want to look nice in photos!
;)Snap, slimming world is the way forward... Wouldnt it be nice to have a photo taken and think wow, i look bloody great in that...haha.. cant say ive ever had that...:cry:

Be nice for my sister to start as the more support the better... Sarah, once on it.. is on it!:D

Looking forward to swapping clothes again :)

Im gonna concentrate on super speed foods :p
Healthy competition is great! Me and 2 of my sisters are all the same, one is streets ahead having lost 3 stone while we play catch up! Its all good I think, and is great to see confidence returning to my sis !
Yup, looking forward to being very proud and slightly jealous:D:D:D:D

And when she starts tomorrow i reckon it might refresh the important things i dont acknowledge anymore... its all good!;)
Hmm, same here, my sister has always been slim, she seems to eat everything in her path and never puts an ounce on, where as when I even look at something sweet/savoury another pound sneeks on..... ;o(...xx


Watch this space...
Not a sibling but I joined SW with my hubby so we have started being a bit competitive with each other. I was a tiny bit jealous when he got his 1/2 stone and SOTW stickers and I haven't.

At least we are in it together so have that support. Oh and we eat the same stuff too so that makes it easier.

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Put the kettle on
I have always been the fat sister but to be honest i dont really want to be as thin as my sisters. I dont compare myself or compete with others anymore. Ive tend to find it only ends in tears.
I've always, always been hugely bigger than my younger sister. She's waif thin and I suspect she'll be that way forever. I don't think I'd even enjoy being that slim; she hardly eats anything and I love my food too much!
I'm bigger than both my sisters one hugely so and the other only by a couple of dress sizes and i can't wait till the day I'm smaller than my older sister (the bigger of the two). My main competition in a friendly way is my best friend. She joined SW a year before me and then I joined the January after. We both started around the same weight so it's pure competition and I'm winning wahoo (she's messed around a lot bless her).
I don't have a sister, just a skinny-rake (28" waisted) older brother, but I do have a friend who is doing Scottish Slimmers, who I am quietly racing to goal :D and I would love to weigh near to my fella, he's in the 12-12 1/2 stone region.... Its horrible to think I currently weigh about 1 and 3/4 what he weighs...


bye bye baby tummy
My brother is bigger then me and looses ALOT more then me, he thinks nothing of a 6lb loss

I always wanna beat him lol
My sister has always been slim whereas I have always been overweight. She has always worn the sort of clothes I would kill to wear, like gorgeous fitted dresses and strappy tops. I don't feel resentment towards her as she is my sister and I don't mind her looking attractive. The issue only began to effect me about 6 months ago, when an elderly relative stayed with us and commented about 5-6 times over her stay about how beautiful my sister was and how pretty she looked. I found it very hurtful as it came across as very tactless e.g. she was the attractive one and I am the ugly one. So yes, the desire to not look fat and ugly next to my pretty slim sister has kicked in, thanks to that relative!!
My sisters and I all battle with our weight... But with each others help I'm positive we will reach our goals.. I think through the years of yo yo dieting and actually getting no where we've realised that you can inspire each other to do well... If u give up on urself then what better person than ur sister or brother to inspire u to love ur self and do it because you deserve it! My sister who began this thread is stunning and I reckon she forgets that from time to time how bloody dam beautiful she is.. It's hard dieting but much harder not! I was only saying the other day how refreshing it was to fill my face in work without a guilt when someone came in.. Slimming world seems the way forward :0)

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