Anybody use/wear compression clothes while working out

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by J4ffa, 15 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. J4ffa

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    Hey i was just wondering do anybody wear compression clothes while working out if so whats the benefits or cons of them.

    I just see more people wearing them at the gym and wondered if they helped while working out...
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    I work out at home, and wear compression gear. I find it keeps everything 'in' if you know what I mean and stops things wobbling around! It also makes me warmer and sweat more, which can only be a good thing, it also makes me feel slimmer! From a practical point of view, they don't get in the way like jogging bottoms or hoodies that either ride up or fall down, and they're super comfy. The only cons I can think of is it can be quite expensive, and if you're larger than a size 20 or an XXL, getting your hands on it can be quite difficult. If you're into jogging, Under Armour do excellent cold weather compression clothing, and hot weather as well, expensive, but worth it!

    Hope that helps a little bit :)

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