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Hi going on holiday on sunday all inclusive, anyone any tips or been in the same situation and managed to stick to their program, I hope I manage to stick to it, supose it will be my big test of willpower. :)
Hi horseclutter,

I managed well on a good few weekends away. I had everything planned out well to the last.

Then the times I went off and did not put as much thought into it, I found I had forgot different things etc. Me things it could of been a ploy to sabotage myself:rolleyes:

Just can't think who was on a long holiday and did SSing for it.

I am sure someone will be along and tell you about their experience shortly.

Love Mini xxx
Hi there

I went camping in France for 2 weeks and I am most proud to say that I stuck rigidly to my LL programme, even did the homework!!

I really didn't miss eating conventional food at all. When the others were sitting around drinking beer I would be there with my wine glass full of sparkling water with delicious fruits of the forest flavouring.. and I felt great in the morning HAHA!!

My advice is to concentrate on each day one at a time, don't think about it as a whole. Just enjoy your packs and remember why you're doing this.

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Good luck and have a fabulous holiday.
Sarah xx
I went on 2 holidays whilst Sole sourcing on Lighter life!
I was full of determination to stick to packs and I did!

Just be prepared - remember bars for the flight - take your blender / whisk all mixing bowls dish & spoon!
don't go with the mentality - "I have paid for all inclusive" go with !I am getting slimmer every day and when i return I will have lost even more weight "- how great is that to go on holiday and lose weight ??
I felt amazing - I was in control - I had beaten years of food abuse [it was normal for me to gain a stone on holiday!!]

From reading posts on here - once you have strayed it is so very hard to get back to sold sourcing and it takes you even longer to lose your weight!
Go with determination and do not let fellow holidaymakers sway you - you will be the one who suffers mentally & physically not them!
Lots of luck - enjoy swimming & sunshine!
I went on holiday for 10 days while on LL.

I reminded myself of the fact that being out of ketosis is difficult and I didn't want to climb that wall all over again. I was determined to stick with packs 100% and I did.

I treated myself by cooking some packs into muffins and cookies and I drank sparkling water out of a wine glass while the others drank wine.

The taste of the food would only last a few minutes, but the 9lb I'd lost on my return will stay off forever!

Don't forget to ask your LLC for a nutritional content pack and take your weight loss book with you just in case they are funny about the packs when you go through customs.

Enjoy the holiday and enjoy the weight loss when you get back x