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Anyone else unable to trust yourself with chocolate?

Hello all,

I know that if I have one, I won't be able to stop, so trying to cut out all chocolate (it's been 8 days so far!) I know that last time I did this, I found chocolate really really sweet when I did try it, so might be a good tactic.

I'm trying to have an activia ff yogurt or fruit in the evening after dinner as it's my danger time, as my OH is eating lots of sweets.

So far, I am even managing to resist the left over Xmas Quality sweets even though I've been at home a bit with the snow and they've been shouting at me from the table!!:)
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I always loved chocolate, but since I have been on sw I haven't bothered much.

There is some choc orange in the fridge, before I would have eaten the lot, but not now i'm quite happy with a small amount, currently i'm using up my cadbury caramel xmas tree decs, only small but stil have some left.

As long as I have quavers in the cupboard i'm fine :D however i'm not feeling to good today and I am craving a mcflurry :(


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....you mean you've still got sweets left from xmas? omg
I thought I would be like this... I love chocolate :p But I have spent my syns each day on a 2finger kitkat and a pack of wotsits and I leave them until the evening when I mostly have a sweet tooth :) Curley Wurleys are just 6 syns.. kitkats 5... You could have 6 fingers of kitkat EVERYDAY if you wanted too xx


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Any chocolate I buy (like 2 fingered Kit kat packs) I leave in the boot of my car. i have to be pretty desperate to get out of my slippers and walk down the road to get chocolate. if it is in the house I would be more tempted.
A FROZEN curley wurley is pretty damn good :p xx
I do think its important to master this hon. There will always be temptation, and in the longterm you need to learn to control it. Plus when you do, the feeling of being in control is fab. I am fine now so long as I have a bit most days. Its only when I am hormonal I crave it big time!!
I have to be trustworthy around chocolate. I always have a load of Mars Bars, Double Deckers, Twixes, Kit Kats etc for my teenage son. I'm amazed that I resist, although I have been known to blow a days worth of syns on a Double Decker on occasion.
Any chocolate I buy (like 2 fingered Kit kat packs) I leave in the boot of my car. i have to be pretty desperate to get out of my slippers and walk down the road to get chocolate. if it is in the house I would be more tempted.
Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one to do that!! I have to admit that I did once creep out with a torch across the car park to my garage at 2 in the morning for a bar of Green and Blacks but I was desperate. Normally it's enough to put me off - especially now when I need skis to get to my car!!!


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I used to be a real choc-a-holic before I rejoined SW. If I bought a pack of kit kats I ate them all, opening a box of chocolates would mean I'd finish them all.
When I re-joined SW I made a decision to give up chocolate and bread and crisps, as I did the same with them.
I can honestly say that I don't miss any of them and there is no longer any temptation.
I have chocolates all over the house as my OH loves them but if he doesn't eat them they will rot. I won't have them as I don't want to trigger of my choco binges again. I don't miss them so won't temp fate. I think it's all in the head really. Some people can have one or two and stop. I never could so don't want to chance it.
what is OH, i gather its ya husband but whats the short hand for
I know what you mean..
I like kit kat, but since my OH doesn't have a sweet tooth at all, I find it too tempting to buy the 2 fingers pack..as I might eat the whole lot! and the 4 fingers standard one that's more widely available..well it would be too tempting not to eat the 2 fingers left.
I love quality street chocolate as you get different textures and flavours for a good syns value..but knowing what I can be like, i just avoid buying it.
I'm doing it on my own, and don't have anyone to share chocolate with... neither at home or work.
This may well make me sound like an alcoholic, but it's alcohol that I'm more concerned about steering clear of.
I find if I have some, I probably would like another one..my OH is very into his wine, loves cold beer and mixes AMAZING cocktails, he has about 4 days a week alcohol free, but still the fridge and cellar are loaded with alcohol!!
But I've been fine..haven't had a drink since boxing day.. I feel I need some more time before facing it.

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