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anyone else


Les Mills Fitness Freak
not see any weight loss?
the scales may say you have, your clothes are smaller, yet you just cant see it yourself.

you still see a fat person staring back at you, you see the massive hips, the pregnent looking belly and large thighs...

i cant look at myself in the mirror, only a small one to check my hair and face is acceptable.

anyone else feel like this? :sigh:
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yesss!! i am exactly the same! i do progress pics so can see- but to me i am exactly the same- same fat and wobbly bits everywhere!! grrr!! i want to be like i was before i was pregnant- even then i hate the way i looked- thought i was fat- and now i look at my pics i'm like o my god- i had that body and i thought i was fat!! (thats sounds big headed but didnt mean to!lol)
Yuupppp! You read my mind, I feel like nothing is enough! Blergh.


Les Mills Fitness Freak
im glad others feel the same!

dreading tommorow night, my mate wants us to go out in easter fancy dress, i might as well be the damn easter egg, i feel like one!


Les Mills Fitness Freak
tonights the night my mate wants me and her to go out in fancy dress, i cant bear to even get dressed, i feel huge, i feel fat and ugly.
ill only get laughed at and get fat commnets if i wear the costume, can i just cry now? or better just curl up and die?


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Wow. Not sure I like this thread!

At 5'6" you weight 120 pounds? That's definitely a healthy BMI, you need to NOT fret so much! All women have curves and softness! Why do you think you would get fat comments? You won't!


Les Mills Fitness Freak
got them last weekend, two tramps called me and my friend fat b****h's.... im very insecrure about myself, i hate how big my hips are and that i over eat. i cant fit my belly into the shirt i wanted to wear
Hi Gina,

That is so horrible for you and so stupid and ignorant of the people making such comments. It says more about them than it does about you.

I too looked at your weight and height and put them into a calculator that reckoned that your BMI is 19.5. It seems that under 20 is considered underweight.

So even though these charts are not always right, I cannot imagine you as at all bulging.

The stupid s*****s who considered they had a right to make comments about you can't even have got a relevant insult for you ... they must have just needed to put you down to make themselves feel better.

Just because you have a shirt that doesn't do up does NOT mean you are too fat, it just means the shirt is not the right size for you.

Micci xxx


Les Mills Fitness Freak
me and my friend wouldnt give them any money, so they insulted us. im not giving it to them, i always see them with a can in their hand or they look drugged up, so i know what they will spend it on.

that night they called us, on the way out they had the cheek to ask for more money off us, my mate spat on them.
So, the issue was all about making you feel bad and they hit on an area where you feel vulnerable. Gina, you look great, I saw your photos. But heck, I'm a different generation and much fatter than you, maybe you won't believe me. Is there anyone you can trust to look at you and give you feedback that you can trust.

Try to build your confidence up in other areas, think of things you have achieved that you can look back on and be proud of, listen to and take in the nice things people say about you.

And if you do dress up - go out there with your head held high, feeling and looking good and enjoy yourself.
Gina, there is no way you can look fat!
I've seen your diary, I always check it, love your energy and how your so focused.
Stop being your worst critic, I bet you look bloody great!


Les Mills Fitness Freak
i am very critical i admit >.<

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