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Anyone from High Peak ??

Hi, just wondered where people are from - I've just started (day 3 nearly over!) and wondered:
  1. if there was anyone from the high peak area
  2. and which pharmacy they use,
  3. and how supportive they are !?
PS... i've made my husband hide the scales, I'm becoming obsessed by them !:p
Good luck everyone

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I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya! I'm from northern Ireland. Where's high peak??

Welcome to LT and good luck on your journey xxxx


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Hi Nerac

I am from High Peak!!!!!!!! I dont go to a pharmacy in my area as I work in Altrincham, so go there as it is easier.

I think there is a co op pharmacy in Marple, not sure if it is Marple or Marple Bridge and there is a girl I used to go to college with that went there. From what she told me at the time (1 yr ago) they were quite strict and even measured your ketosis levels which you find not many do.

Good luck and maybe we can keep each other encouraged.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hiya! I'm from northern Ireland. Where's high peak??

Welcome to LT and good luck on your journey xxxx
Hi Chelly
Beautiful part of the country :) I can say that and am Scottish :)
It borders Cheshire and Derbyshire, and it is only about 30-40 mins from Manchester, and around 30 mins from Buxton.

It is kind in the country but near enough to the towns and cities.....do a google search and you will see some lovely places.

Didnt realise - dohhhhhh - you were from Northern Ireland, never been before but my sister goes every year.


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol :D

I hate it over here, its boring and there isnt much nice country side which I love lol


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Hi Nerac123

Im from high peak area - Buxton! The pharmacy I use is called clowes pharmacy the nearest one to where I live. They are really nice in there and very supportive, its a very small pharmacy so your weigh in is quite private as the scales are behind the counter.

The only thing is that they do not have any facilities for ketosis stick checks and dont put your results on the computer, but the lady there and the pharmacist mr clowes is very nice!!
Oooh, J-Lo00b, I was considering clowes - but have opted for Jaybee's pharmacy in offerton - as I work in stockport and live in chapel, so buxton is the opposite way for me. They are ok - just got more information from this site than from the pharmacist ! however, I haven't had my first weigh in yet (thats tomorrow I think - although I only started on Wednesday this week and am going tomorrow to swap my hideous chicken soup !! - so the pharmacist may decide to weigh me).

I am pleased there are some locals on here !

Scotsmist is right chelly - it is truely beautiful around here - I wouldn't move for anything !


Nerac. xx
I'm in High Peak :)


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well im in carlisle, bet theres no one else on this diet from here as theres no pharmacies that do it GRR

suppose its an excuse to travel back to newc area to see my family and get lots of compliments :D


Life is not a Rehersal!
It sure is Tegzy!!!
You know I used to visit Carlisle on my holidays when I was young as my cousins/aunt/uncle live there.

Used have some great times :)

Still love the place, although not been for a few years.


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oh my goodness, i hate it! but i have my own place and job and life so not very tempted to go back to living with my mam in the box room. maybe have to soon as im in a dead end job and need to start planning a career! :(

had plenty of fun this past year living on my own, independance is the best thing ever, but i need a proper job i thinks :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
What do you fancy doing Tegzy?

Yes, independence is lovely. I remeber when I was 19 and I left home and me and three girlfriends had a flat! It was wonderful and such a great time we had as well.

Gosh, that was almost 25 yrs ago, but yet it feels like yesterday and I dont feel any different now!!
I'd not heard of High Peak either - bad really considering I go up to North Cheshire to visit my sister and it sounds like it isn't too far away! I'm in Hampshire, the north, and am lucky that there are 3 pharmacies close by who do LT and another 2 between here and Reading. Makes us a bit spoilt I guess!

Hi Cuddlyfairy,

you must have heard of Buxton - Buxton spring water ??

Anyway, next time you are in cheshire, pop round to the high peak - its gorgeous !


Life is not a Rehersal!
Sounds good! You can usually get a job in the practice and they train you cant you? Well, that used to be the case when I was younger as I had an interview for a job as a dental nurse when I was about 16 - oh...that was a long time ago though.

You should start investigating on the net, if not already done so!

It took me years to know what I wanted to do,,bummed about and did temp jobs as I just didnt seem to know what I wanted.

i fancy dental nursing, probably not with this breath like! haha xx


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yeah, you can do an apprenteship in dental nursing, ive tried heath studies and social care and child care and not liked any of them and quit, i get bored really easily and find it hard to stick to things so unless i enjoy it i just quit haha xx