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Anyone had to get doctors permission to start?


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I am going to have to due to my start weight and I am slightly worried about what he is going to say :eek: he has not been supportive up to this point of anything I do but tells me everytime I see him I am moridly obese (thanks I didn't know that already :rolleyes:)

So I need to put together an argument if he is reluctant to agree - has anyone had this problem?

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You need to get hold of the Information for Doctors booklet which your counsellor should give you to take with you.

And remember you aren't asking for permission to do the diet, you are asking him/her to confirm your clinical status and keep an eye on you, it is your choice to do the diet and not theirs.

Saying that loads of GP's are really supportive and if you mention the recent NICE guidelines stating that VLCD's can be used for weight loss and that GP's should be there to support their patients in whatever the PATIENT chooses to do.



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Hi Mrs T

As I have health Problems (RA and being morbidly obese) I too was worried about what my doctor would say

No problem you will be fine, I just dropped off the form and the booklet for him to read and never even spoke to him about it

Now when I go he is very supportive (as I have lost 75lb)

Dont worry you will be fine CD is the best diet in the world ~ GOOD LUCK


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Hi Mrs T

I had to get my Doctor to sign the form and was DREADING it!

But actually, he was OK. He flicked through the Info for Doctors form and then weighed me and signed the form no problem.

He said that I seemed to be determined to do it anyway, so there's no point him refusing to sign and besides, no diet is without its risks but being 10 stone overweight is much more dangerous than any diet could be.

Then he wished me luck and said to come back in a few months and let him know how I'm getting on. I was amazed he was so supportive!!!

I'm sure your Doctor will be too. Good luck!


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Thank you, fingers crossed it will be ok then. I am actually scared of going to my doctor cause he is always so negative about my weight!


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Mrs T

Just tell you doctor to BOG OFF

I am scared of docs too (and policemen and head masters)
whats that all about!!!!

Good luck and get started on the diet ~ you will love it !!!!


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