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Anyone have a house rabbit

Friends of mine had a house rabbit for years. They kept a litter tray indoors and he used it like a cat!

You need to watch out for electrical wires though they do like to chew:rolleyes:
our rabbit was a house rabbit. he used to have a tray and we had a basket for him. Yes only problem was the wires. He used to go in and out of the garden as used to leave back door open. And used to sit on the top of the settee and also on our shoulders
Irene xx
I had a house rabbit- she ate everything in existence for the first week- we had to put all wires above her range. She had a litter tray which we trained her to use and it worked really well. Realised at tend of week one that providing a chew block for her stopped her eating the furniture. Obviously only thing I would say is you need to make sure they get a regular run outside- we had a run outside which we would put her in for a couple of hours each day. xx


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I have a house rabbit, he's my second one. He's a white lop called Miksi. He is really clean and does all his toilets in one corner of his cage (he likes a cage to sleep in etc) but they are just like cats really. Ours isnt too bad at chewing- he has a range of chew toys to play with instead, but he does like to hide in dark places around the house lol. I think rabbits make lovely house pets- they are so affectionate and loving.


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When I had my house rabbit, I found that when I cut a side down on one side of the litter tray he used it more, I think he did not enjoy the effort of having to jump in!! House rabbits are great mine used to sit for hours on my knee waching tv with me
I used to have a house rabbit, he did his business in a litter tray, used a cat flap, and went into a large indoor cage at night. He was a british giant. About the size of a large cat! They make wonderful pets, but you do have to train them if you want them to use a litter tray.
Not incredibly hard. As long as they are quite young. You get their droppings, and put them in the litter tray, and put pee soaked newspaper in their too. As rabbits naturally keep their poo and wee in one place of their hutch, just show them that it's that bit they need to go in. But be prepared to clean up a few times for the first few weeks.

It's actually easier than training kittens in my opinion.


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My house rabbit litter trained really easily- hardle any effort required on my part lol, just did as Tegan said and he was away!

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