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Anyone Know if we can have....

Hiya Peeps, hope you're all feeling happy and motivated today!

I have a question that I hope someone can answer - maybe a CDC?

I was rummaging around in the freezer last night, trying to find something for OH's tea, when I found a bag of my beloved Tesco Meat Free hotdog sausages. Curiosity got the better of me so I studied the packet and discovered that one serving (two sausages) contained 135 calories and 2.0 gms of Carbs. Now, my head went into overdrive and I grabbed a Tetra to check and yes, these delightful little sausages have 2 calories and 5gms of carbs LESS than a Tetra!!

Now, I'm not saying it would be a good idea to start munching on these at every available opportunity, but, if an "I NEED TO EAT!!!" moment caught hold of me, surely it wouldn't be too much of a lapse to much a couple of these?

Has anyone mentioned them before? Does anyone know of a reason why I couldn't have them on AAM for instance?

I'm quite excited at the thought.... (tragically!!)
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If you are doing low carb/Atkins these would be fine.

As you are doing Cambridge SS definately not.

Sure they have less carbs/cals than a tetra but they dont contain a third of all your daily nutritional requirments.

If you need to eat something it should be from the SS+ 810 list of foods in the Cambridge book.

Sorry leave the sausages in the freezer for now.



almost skinny
did you look at the fat percentage as well? And the how much salt is in them? A lot of meaty things are lowcarb, in fact most of them are, but mostly they're very fat and the salt will make you retain water.

In the AAM week you eat light stuff, like fish and chicken. Not only because of the calories, but because you're digestive system is having a wintersleep. Sausages usually are not the lightest of foods :)
Thanks both for the replies. No, I didn't notice the fat content. I'll have to check it out later.

Because they are meat-free, they are not going to be as high-fat as a regular sausage, but I'll have a look later.

Being a vegetarian, it's hard to find things to eat when I absolutely have to have something. You can't eat quorn raw!!

My CDC has said in the past that a tiny piece of chicken breast, if it will stop me bingeing on something really naughty, would be ok. But I don't eat meat, so I can't do that!
Hiya, your CDC really shouldn't recommend nibbling on chicken breast as the SS program is very strict and works fantasically if followed to the letter.

If you do though want to eat protein etc then why not look at the 810 programme? This allows you to have a nice little meal of an evening and still offers excellent loss.



almost skinny
I'm sorry, I only just saw 'meat free'. Must be the word 'sausages' that got all my attention ;)

You can eat Quorn raw though. I tried, before stirfrying it (not during SS btw). Yes, I know that sounds nasty, but it tastes a bit like cold chicken actuallly :D
But, chicken isn't eaten raw as well of course. So you could (I'm not saying you should) prepare the Quorn before eating it.

But I tend to agree with Icemoose: SS is SS, maybe SS+ of 810 is more your thing?

Serena A

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Hi Joolz

I agree with Icemoose and M-Azing, CD is best when done to the letter, give yourself the best chance of success by choosing the CD level that's right for you.

Try not to plan for a "need to eat" moment otherwise it will probably become a self-fulfilling prophecy. In your head you will always be waiting/expecting for it to happen and having that kind of food in the house will just reinforce that belief for you! Don't set yourself up to fail - CD provides your body with all it needs (not neccessarily what it craves) therefore ask yourself why you think you will "absolutely have to have something" - if you really did then a few more minutes waiting for some quorn or whatever to cook would be really neither here nor there.

Just my thoughts - good luck with it xx
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Thanks Serena, M-azing and Icemoose. I know that planning a need-to-eat moment goes against SS-ing rules, but I've been using this diet for 2 years on and off and I've found my body reacts strangely. I don't get low blood sugar at all, but if I go more than 2-3 of weeks on SS I tend to get very low blood pressure and I've been advised to increase my salt intake when this happens.

Pouring table salt in my hand and licking it (and believe me - I've been desparate enough to do that when I get really light-headed-yeuck!! :) ) is probably not the best way to go about it, but quorn and cottage cheese have very little salt, so I'm trying to find alternative ways of getting a bit of salt into my system without completely blowing the diet!

I'd appreciate any advice :eek:

Serena A

Can't think of a title
I'm not medical person but it sounds like you could really do with moving onto a higher plan. You might lose a couple of lbs less a month compared with SS but if it gets you to goal it has got to be better than presumably 2 years of multiple restarts on something your body is perhaps telling you not to stick to?

Maybe speak to your CDC again?

Hope you get sorted xx
Thanks for that Serena. I have tried 810, but the allowed food is still so low in salt that I still have the problem, so I may as well stay on SS :)

I don't want to go much higher than that because with over 8 stone to loose, I want to get it done quickly.

This is why my CDC has said that a teeny nibble here and there to keep me on the plan is better than failing and falling off altogether. I'm determined to see it through to goal this time and, if I have to lick table salt off my palm once a week to do that, I'm going to do it! LOLOLOLOL
I don't want to go much higher than that because with over 8 stone to loose, I want to get it done quickly.
A nibble here or there will not get you there quickly. The nibbles tend to add up and slow or stall weight loss. You have to do what is best for you but please know that nibbling will not get you where you want to be when you want to get there. Nibbling tends to spiral and may cause you to constently think of food instead of letting your body get well into ketosis so that the "need" to nibble will not be an issues because you just won't have those thoughts of food like now. If you are ok with that then so be it. Good luck, I hope you get it sorted.
i've got low blood pressure as well. My CDC recommended licorice root tea. A lot healtier than salt :)
Oh edi, thanks for that. It was a gentle kick up the bum that I think I thoroughly needed! You're absolutely right. OK, new philsophy from today. Thank you.

And M-azing - thanks for the tip! I've never tried liqurice root tea, but you're right, if it works, it would be much healthier than salt! I'll try it out. Where did you get it from? Health food shops?

See? This is why I love this site - bum-kicks and excellent advice when needed!

i buy it at your average drugstore and it is available in some supermarkets als well, but I live in the Netherlands.