Anyone passed out on lt


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Your body is still adjusting.... don't worry about the chicken... you'll be fine!!! Just try to take it easy and see how you go in the next few days!!!! XXX


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hope your ok now hunny????

dont worry about the chicken.... i have dizzy spells too, everyday.... and everyday i have sprite zero; it makes me feel a bit more normal and stops dizzy spells, like im having something (and im still in ketosis) i also have a coffee with milk on a morning and a tea with milk before bed.... (everyday and still in ketosis) that is all... so dont worry. we are all human. i hope your feeling better xxxxxx


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Hi betty boob
Just saw your thread now , I passed out on Monday I just stood up and fell down again , went to doc as I got a fright and he said that if you stand up to quick it can happen , he also did blood tests so I will have results Friday evening , I'm also on eltroxin for an under active thyroid so he is looking at this too , . I told him I didn't want to come off diet , as it's working for me . Will let you no what he says , hopefully it's only a once off
Hope your feeling better
Tigger xx


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I passed out four times last week and came off the diet. I collapsed in the middle of work and was really sick. Had other symptoms too, that altogether made life pretty unpleasant. Guess I just wasn't suitable for it, especially when I have a very active job too. Was a good kick up the bum for me though to keep on trying, just via other means.

Hope you feel better soon. x


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This happens to me all the time, I don't pass output if stand up too quick I get very dizzy and feel faint and have to sit down. Don't worry bout chicken, I eat chicken all the time x


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Had it pretty much the full 11 weeks everytime i got up from the sofa! Just get up slowly, take a min before you move after you have got up x