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Anyone tried stopping smoking whilst doing lighterlife?


is loving CWP xx
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Sorry I can't give any advice as I have never smoked but I would like to wish you all the luck in the world. It is such a brave decision and surely 5 weeks of abstinence has really helped your confidence and proved to yourself that you can do it.

Good luck x x
Thanx for the encouragement!

Thank you Becky! I'm confident of stopping for good now, I just dont know if that confidence is going to falter when i step on the scales!

Tbh, I cant see how it would effect weight loss too much when we are eating such low calories, but I could be wrong?

We'll see!:)

Mands x


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Hi Mands
I started LL last wednesday, and packed in smoking on the same day. I have gone from 20 a day to nothing and feel amazing. Because I was concentrating on food I forgot about cigs and its the best thing I ever did..Best of luck hon !!!
No more ciggies for me!!

Well done lola123!! thats brilliant!!

I really hope I succeed this time, I've tried before, but ended up smoking again because of drinking (vodka and wine) on nights out!!

At least im not going to be tempted because im a bit drunk this time!!!

Again well done lola123, keep it up your doing amazing!! Let me know if u feel it effects your loss, must admit im a bit worried about it!!

Mands x


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Well done Lola and Mands that is excellent. I cannot offer any advice as I stopped 6 years ago but good luck with it!

Kat xx


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Will do, and its my WI at 5.30, my 1st one. So Im really nervous, have hardly touched water today because dont want it to effect my loss. Wish me luck !!!! xx


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Lola you need to make sure you are drinking plenty even on weigh in day as a) it may affect your weight loss if you do not drink enough, b) you don't want to become dehydrated and c) you may experience dizzy spells if you do not drink the fluid your body needs on this diet.

It is not a good habit to get into. If you are determind to do it that way at least drink up until approx an hour before weigh in as that will give it time to work through your body.

Good luck, look forward to hearing how you do tonight,

Kat xx


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Hi Mands and Lola, just wanted to say well done and may your success continue :)

I'm smoking at the mo but plan to quit about a month after I finish RTM (I know what I'm like; I need to deal with one crutch at a time), but I have no doubt you'll both succeed - so well done :)

Oh and as Kat says, keep drinking the water!


...we're sinking deeper.
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I stopped smoking, and then a week later started LL. ... It doesn't affect losses in any way - it would be silly if it would... But it was very tough mentally. Because some people (like me) used food AND cigarettes as a way to cope with emotional issues, the taking away of both vices at the same time made me go absolutely nuts in the first few weeks!
I actually had to FACE my problems and couldn't run away anymore. It was very difficult, but I'm extremely glad I did it. It made me tackle things that I wouldn't have done otherwise.

Be prepared for some home truths hitting you if you give up both food and smokes at the same time. But bear with it. It's well worth the struggle.


And keeping in mind... I quit smoking on my second turn of doing LL. The first time I smoked like a chimney and didn't learn any lessons, because I started smoking more in place where I would eat. ... but that's my personal experiences I guess!


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A few years ago on one of my previous attempts to get slim, I gave up booze, fags and most food all at once. It was too much for me without the mental support that I have had from LL. Got back to the smoking within a year. I have always planned to give up the fags once I have got through RTM and learnt to balance my weight using the tools I have learnt in class. Good Luck hun, let us know how it goes.

Thanx for everyone's kind words and advice.

I spoke to my llc last nite and shes assured me it shouldnt effect my losses. It hasnt so far! I lost another 5lbs last nite!

Im ready for a tough few weeks, but confident i'll get through it without any lapses. I feel really different already, i've never been this determined to do something like this thats JUST for ME!

Mands xx:)


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S: 14st7lb G: 11st5lb
good for you mands, you can do it and you'll look and feel amazing. Your complextion will become brighter and your breathing will improve vastly, Good luck am sure you can do this xxx


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Great loss there! If you're doing the one, why not do the other, never a better time I shouldn't think. I gave up 5 years ago and never regret it. If you want convincing, use your nose when you're out. It's really noticable how much smoking stinks, you don't notice it when you're doing it, and you really don't want to be smelling that bad!! (Sorry to you smokers, I know you're all lovely, a bit whiffy, but lovely.)
I gave up cigs the day I started LL just over 7 weeks ago. I can honestly say smoking has not even crossed my mind. I would smoke around other smokers or when i had a glass of wine.

There are still a pack of cigs in my kitchen drawer, but the thought makes me feel ill. I think it was another form of hiding...like i used food. I'm stressed so I'll have a cig/eat.

I have had great losses and am already over the 2 stome mark gone, so I don't think giving up will affect you at all.

And believe me, losing the weight AND not having polluted lungs means I feel great ~ and my swimming is so much easier. Also as FT says, I find that smokers smell so bad now I can't believe I let myself smell like a chimney. Good Luck! :)


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I gave up (after 26 years of smoking :eek:) 7 weeks and 6 days ago :)
I decided to wait until after I had completed abstinence and RTM, it just felt the right time for me, I was (and still am) feeling great about my weight, but am still very focussed on maintaining it, so shouldn't fall in to the trap of replacing the cigs with food.
Agree with FT and Laydeebug - you really REALLY notice the smell of smoke on others when you give up - I think I will be one of those really vile reformed smokers, that I used to absolutely hate :D
Can't say it has made me feel any better though, I don't really feel any different at all, apart from finding it less stressful when I'm out and about, as now I don't have to cram in my fags when the location / opportunity allows! :)

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