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Anyone up for a 7 day challenge?


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I've not seen my CDC for 4 weeks due to hols and i get weighed week tomorrow. I bought quite a few packs but over 4 weeks i haven't tried and hardly used any of them and only by good fortune my weight has stayed the same.
I so want to lose half a stone for her return which will leave me 7-14 to lose for my target mid August.
Why can i not get back into it again. I've got my OH and DDs on kitchen police duties but i keep finding ways to by pass them. I dont want to go back to my old ways but this is so hard.
If i try to SS for the next week, do you think i could get a 7lbs loss, i'm using wii fit for half an hour everyday and i've got plenty garden and house jobs to do to use up calories.
Anyone up for a 7 day challenge?
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Hi, OK I can buddy up on this with u, i am getting weighed tomorrow and its my 2nd day of SS ( with odd chicken nibbles)..
let me know how u get on, you sure can do this, its a moment when we allow ourselves for that extra nibble and when we say No to it...goodluck x


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yeah that sounds great il join u i want lose about the same ive been on and off for about 3days. just carnt get back on track.will it be starting from today or tommorow. plus ill only be able to do ss+


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Great, thanks for your support. Lets do it! I know if i could get past day one i'd be alright and i've done great until an hour ago, the kids are hungry and i'm nibbling. Had a few cherry tomatoes, a slice of ham and a smidge of grated cheese. slippery slope......


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no no u carnt nibble

so lets start from tommorow


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I am in! 7 day challenge starting tomorrow-Monday right?
starting at 12 stone 7 lbs 6/07/08


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ok lisa let us know how u get on
Can I join please, only been doing CD for 4 weeks but i've just started nibbling. Have a bridesmaid dress to fit into in 3 weeks so all kicks up the bum very welcome xxx


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Me too. I fell off the wagon and ate like a pig over the weekend. I have my weigh in today and I know I've gained so need to get started again.

Roz x


I would like to lose 7lbs this week -and I am having a month of sole source to shift a stone [grrrrr] Gained weight in USA at Easter and have not sorted it out u ntil now!
Previous to this had 2 years maintaining a 9 stone loss, so I know it can be done!
Count me in and positive determination needed ladies [and any men]
Ill join the 7 day challenge to sick to ss for 7 days, iv been trying so hard to get back into it and i know if i can get to 7 days ss i will carry on.


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Great to see so many of us motivated for a 7 day challenge. I'm not weighed til next week but stayed the same since CDC went away. I am feeling very positive now as there is so many of us doing this I'm hoping for 7 lbs.
Good luck everyone.
Im not going to weigh myself this week. i know iv put on weight as my clothes feel tighter, so i shall wait till they feel better on. good luck to everyone else, just think how good we will feel in 7 days time. x
Hi! Can I join in? I had a really bad weekend and I feel I'm on the verge of losing my way a bit and I need a push- also its the TOTM so my will power needs a bit of propping up.


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You dont need to ask to join, theres plenty room for us all. So far so good as eldest DD had big breakfast as its first day of hol so she had egg, hash brown, potato scone and beans. Not what i would choose but smells good. Youngest DD has just made a cheese and ham toastie, now that is something i miss. She had left bits of cheese on the chopping board and i binned it - yay!
Its a better day here so i'm pottering in the garden to keep myself busy.
Have a good day.

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