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Anything You Want to Do With Weight Of?

Hi! I'm sure this has been done often before but I wondered was there anything anyone really wanted to do when the weight comes of for good?
For me its two things one is to take my toddler to the swimming pool as I couldn't face it until I'm a lot smaller :eek: and the second thing is to go to a gorgeous shop my DH bought me a voucher for and buy some lovely trendy clothes- the gloves in it wouldn't fit me at the minute :sigh:!!! (PS He didn't buy it for inspiration he just hasn't a clue!)
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I'd love to buy a pair of designer jeans, but to do that I have to have the confidence to walk into the "designer" shop.............! X
I just want to wear a pair of jeans and and a t shirt for the very first time in my adult life, without wearing something over them to cover my bum. This would be a massive achievement as I am now 40 and never had the guts. Its funny how a comment when you are a child can have such an impact on your life as an adult.

I can still hear that child in the playground say, ooohh you have a big bum in those jeans:cry:

I have perhaps fixated on this too much and maybe even at 10 stone I still won't be able to do it, its such a big hang up for me.

First time I have ever told anyone this.


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I would love to be able to go running/jogging to keep the weight off, and to be able to wear my tops "tucked in" !!! I have always worn my shirts etc bagged out of my trousers even as a kid
I would love to walk into Topshop and pick up a size 12 and for them to fit properly and not just around my ankels lol.


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I just want to go into "normal" shops and buy clothes I "LIKE" rather than going in Evans and buying what "FITS" !


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id love to do a run for charity
to go to a weekly keep fit class
to take my baby swimming
to wear a dress on a night out with the girls instead of covering myself head to toe
I would like to stop wearing black clothes all the time! and as FYP said...go into shops and buy clothes that I like rather than just anything that fits!! Also am going travelling for a year in September so would like to be able to wear clothes that I want and not worry about having to cover up all the time! :)
Lets focus on these things and next time we want to cheat lets think of the things we really want to do and close the fridge door! I know I need the help!


is going to loose!
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Well, where to begin...

I first have an old pair of jeans, only 6 mths, that I was wearing a little while ago when I lost my weight, before I got sick and went on steriods.

I also bought a couple of new dresses that I didnt get the opportunity to wear, a top also, and I have a beautiful pair of bikini's.

I will exercise a little here and there as my diet recommends only light exercise and preferably none! If you doing a program you will have to serverely drop it back. I love the gym so I find this very hard and while I was following the program I cut back nearly everything because of the lack of energy and then when I finished I got sick and lost my motivation and didn't find the time to get back into it.......

So... would love to get my passion back for the gym!

The feeling I miss the most is feeling thin and overall comfortable in my clothes and being able to comfortably try on clothes when I go shopping!!!!!

seems we are all thinking the same things nearly. I want to learn how to swim..yes i didnt go swimming when younger because of my size..wear a bikini haha dont know if that will ever happen.shop in all the skinny shops esp penneys its sooo cheap!!!!!!!

becky xx


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Like some of the others, swimming. Kieron keeps asking me to go with him, but well there's just no way I would get into a swimming costume as I am now. I told him that when I got closer to goal, I would. Also would love to go into a cafe, order a meal and not get looked at like I was some big fat lump who spent all her time eating


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S: 18st1lb C: 18st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm hoping to swim with dolphins in October - wouldn't want the poor mammals to think I was cousin whale now;)

Seriously though, I saw on another board about a ball - would love to go to that being at goal.

Oh and to have some professional photos taken with LO and not think about hiding them. I'd also like some FYEO type photos to be done;)

Aunt Bam

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For me its orlando. I've been four times and always overweight. WHEN I get to a size 20/22 I'll be off there again.

I know what your thinking 20/22 thats not really slim, for me it is, having been there at a size 28/30 and size 26 it would be nice just to wear a t-shirt and cropped pants and feel comfortable:bliss:.

Apart from buy a designer pair of jeans and wear a bikini, I want to do a wing walk!!!! :eek:

I am 40 next year and that would be my present to myself.

But I have to lose quite a bit of weight as there are weight restrictions. :rolleyes:

Next pint of water.................:)
Wow Kazimojo69 I am impressed!
Thank you! Excited & nervous. Its not something I would normally opt for - but have decided life is too short!

Come the time I will get work & friends to sponsor me for charity. Want to puch myself on a few things - but need to lose weight first.

Just did one of my first challenges a few weeks ago - a day of driving heavy duty vehicles! HGV, Dumper truck, fire engine and double decker bus included!


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I'd also like to go into Top Shop and buy something in a size 12 (or smaller?!) and it fit!

I'd like to take the kids swimming regularly, and also rollerskating, which I used to love! I'd like to go on a spa day and not be embarrassed about my size, and I will have my picture taken without running to hide, or ducking behind a child to cover my lardy body up!

I can't wait!

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