Aromas Christmas Party!


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Problem Problem!!

Im quite worried, tomorrow night i have a christmas party at Aromas Chinese Buffet ( eat all you like for £13 )...i love can i help myself?....Theres everything there...i eat all the meats in sauces usually?

Any ideas...i have weigh in on Tues next week..

Saturday i have another christmas party and that is a set sit down meal so i have no choice?...Crikey what am i going to do!

Please help me

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Just enjoy yourself, have a good time. There's not much you can do this time of year with xmas parties etc etc. Have fun and just carry on the next day.... xxx


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Have fun and choose wisely, all you can do is limit the damage. With xmas parties it is always hard, if you try and be good inbetween you could be o.k anyway. Enjoy Yourself xx

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I agree with the others Hun....just enjoy yourself, otherwise you will be worrying all night!
I had 3 days off the plan recently as I was away for a conference and then a Christmas Party and I managed to stay the same (wont list what I tucked into, but I am amazed I didnt gain!)
This Saturday, I have another Christmas Party to attend and have decided to stick to plan through the day (Red Day) and then have the meal as normal....I'm driving so cant drink too, so damage limitations there! Then....back on track for Sunday, so who knows what will happen this week?!


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for chinese buffets i find success express works well, if you havent tried it you full your plate with 2/3 SUPER free foods and 1/3 green or red. so fill your plate 2/3 with veg(make sure it isnt fried and try not to get too much sauce although its inevitable) and salad (no mayo or salad dressings!) then the rest you can have the regular rice, noodles, lean meat jsut making sure they arent fried and not saturated in sauce. it has always worked well for me and you can always have fruit for desert. otherwise i usually go green, fill my plate with boiled rice and noodles and then have a little meat and try guess it as a healthy b choice. hope this helps!