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Ah ladies I'd a disaster today!

Had a last minute client meeting that I only found out about yesterday and it was in Edinburgh so very late notice and very unprepared

Did ok with brekkie this morning in the airport (at 05:30-groan) but we'd a working lunch so I knew I'd just have to make the most of what I was given. Well, you'd think they read the Dukan book and decided to bring out a selection of the worst possible stuff just to spite me. The menu was:

Mozarella (s?) and pesto sandwich
Caramellised red onion and feta tart
Little deep fried something with peas and mushrooms in batter
Couscous salad
Cheese board with crackers
Mini chocolate cake

Like where do you even start...

I'd no other options so I had to try pick my way around it as best I could and left some of the worst bits, like the cake obviously. But what a disaster. And I've been doing so well. I'm disgusted
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When faced with nothing suitable its best to 'go atkins' and eat the cheese rather than eat the carbs and have to deal with the fallout.

Well done for being annoyed and not hoovering up the lot ;) A couple of pp days, lots of water and you'll be fine.


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Thanks jaqys

That's what I was thinking so I stuck with the cheese and picked the tomatoes out of the salad. I'm sure I looked like a crazy lady but such is life...

Grrr! Right, PP for the weekend so. And I was really looking forward to my veg too


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I bet you could have screamed when you saw what was on offer, Teasey - how awful! Still, it does sound as though you made the best of a difficult situation.

As jaqys said, you've probably picked the least harmful food so I'm sure you'll be fine.


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well done for picking through it - many of us have had similar situations and had to don an 'atkins hat' for that particular meal. as long as you've avoided the carbs you should still be in ketosis, so don't panic too much, but yes a couple of pp days and lots of water and exercise!
God I'd have scoffed the lot so you have amazing will power! Well done!

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