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This isnt CS related ok well maybe it is?!
i hateeeeeee work its stressing me out!!1
im on my dinner an ive had 15 calls off the ward asking for things!
So i did a stupid thing got stressed and ate ALOT of rubbish!!!!!
an you what i feel sick!!!!!!
GGR GR GR GR GR GRGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
o well i dont get weighed till next tue!
I just dont care about anything anymore!!!!
Rant over :)
(back to work in 10 mins :( )
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right first TAKE A VERY DEEP BREATH.....

now what have you gone and eaten...have you been on naughty carbs?


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Aww god. Sounds horrible :(

Have you thought about another job? If you hate it that much it SERIOUSLY isn't worth it! Especially if its getting you down. Just think tomorrow is another day.. get drinking your water.. if anything youre probably just filling up your calories of last week.. i mean you didnt even eat anything cos you were ill.. so dont stress yourself out too much, i mean your body will still be recovering from being sick anyway so dont beat yourself up too much.

yea kel i was naughty on carbs!!!!!! prawn sandwich an packet of quavers!!!!! ha!!!!! an as i said it made me feel sick!!!!!
Back on it now! i got 7 days to undo my naughtyness an more gym!

Rae its not that i h8 the job itself were majorly short staffed an i jus keep getting more an more piled on me an then my boss jus because shes doing something (im doing 4 ppls jobs) puts her phone thru to me! ARGH! nevermind!
you and bloody prawns lol!

it was only a sandwhich and a packet of crisps iv done much worse before

your doing the right thing and putting it behind ya!
hope the prawns were fresh. did you but it pre-made?
oooo food poisoning alert. i wont eat anything fishy pre made


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