Ashamed of my towns youth at times

Here here Isobel! But for boys & girls! both are as bad as the other sometimes! :mad:
Very ashamed to see daughter of friend using spray can on playground equipment the other evening while walking the dog! :mad: She had the nerve to wave at me too!
Kam x
Flipping heck.....just off the phone to local police to report some abusive yobs having a go at my sons in the park. They have broken youngest ones bike, nicked their football, pushed eldest one against a fence hurting his back to name a few. What did the Police say....err not alot we can do! Cheers guys! I know there isn't much they can do but that doesn't help my two very upset sons or replace the bike or football does it!
So I know I shouldn't have but I went to look for the little s*its found them only to get a load off verbal back. Grrr
It's so sad the way things are - stuff we would never have done when I was younger is so commonplace now. Blimey, do I sound old?!
Nope your not old at all! I remember those days as well! The park they were in was one I spent most of my youth in and never had a problem and I was there at all hours day & night! There would be loads of us but we never did any harm to anyone when the keeper came and said he was locking up we just said thanks, good night and went! My poor kids youngest is really shook up. Off to give him a cuddle.
Kam x
It sounds like my kids on hols - when they got stones thrown at them by the other kids!! Sheesh!

Poor lad - hope he's ok!
Unfortunately, this sort of loutish behaviour isn't limited to any one area - it's rife all over the country.

Youngsters with too much money, too much time and a lack of personal responsibility is often at the bottom of it. Kids in 'deprived' areas? What a crock!! Kids have never had as much as they do now.

Even in run down council areas you see them running wild in their branded designer trainers spoting mobile phones. When they do wrong though, they're barely given a slap on the wrist and consequently just laugh in the face of so-called 'authority'. Where's the deterrent??


Get off my soapbox now! :)

Debbie x