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At what point does *week affect your weight??

I am just woundering about *week.

So far I haven't been affected by * week causing me to STS or gain weight. This week I was weighed Monday & had gained 1lb. It wasn't un-expected as I have had some naughties.
Now today I have gotten my period & was just wanting to know when it seems to affect others with WI. Is it before or during *week ??
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Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
We're all different hun - it affects me a week before but not the week of * week of after! For some it's before, others during, others after! Take a peek at your wi's and you may start to see a pattern emerging - you're lucky you haven't been affected up until now, although it doesn't affect some at all xxx


Silver Member
i have just come off the mini pill, so haven't had a period in years. i am interested to see how my body reacts and to see if my weight changes too


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Im even weirder!! I tend to lose more weight the week before mine, makes me wonder if i have some kind of imbalance?

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I either sts or gain the week before * week.


its a long road
I was always a freak and lost more on my star week :) was the only thing i liked about um :p

My Mother in law used to put on 3 every time and loose it the next week plus a little more if she was extra good lol

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