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  1. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    Ok Day 1, lots and lots of water. I still need to go proper food shopping so have got bits and bobs from the shop today to keep me going. I have a bit of a coke zero habit but don't want to cut everything all at once :)

    B - Cheese and spinach omelette
    L - 2 boiled eggs, pepperami, chicken and mayo
    D - Chicken, spinach, red pepper and cheese
    S - Pepperami
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  3. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    Day 2, headache slowly starting to creep in. Felt quite hungry this afternoon/evening but 'eating my way to ketosis'. Fingers crossed I'm there soon.

    B - Chopped bacon, spinach and red pepper
    L - Boiled eggs, mayo and tomatoes
    D - Homemade cheeseburgers, mushroom, lettuce and cucumber
    S - Chicken and mayo
  4. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hi Athena welcome:). Agree that it's difficult to cut everything out at once:D It is worth trying to taper of the diet fizzy once you are over carb withdrawal though if you can - a notorious staller I'm afraid! Maybe month 2? Good luck
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  5. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    Yep definitely a goal for month 2 :) thanks. Energy is very lacking today but almost bedtime!

    B - Bacon, scrambled egg, red pepper and mushroom
    L - Chicken, cheese, lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes and mayo
    D - Pork chop with cheese & garlic sauce, spinach and mushrooms
    S - 2x pepperami and 2 boiled eggs with mayo
  6. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    Didn't manage to get on yesterday so Day 4 meals were:

    B - Salami, cheese, boiled eggs, mayo, lettuce, a couple of cherry tomatoes and cucumber
    L - Scrambled eggs, mushrooms with small amount of butter,, garlic and cheese
    D - Pork chop, mushrooms, spring onions, lettuce, cucumber with sauce made from double cream, mayo and garlic (with some seasoning)
    S - Pepperami

    Possibly a bit too much cheese yesterday so going to try and reduce that over the next few days. Didn't feel hungry after breakfast and didn't manage to get lunch until late afternoon so ketosis must be starting to kick in. I have had some side effects of greasy skin and hair that is annoying! Hopefully will sort out soon.
  7. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    Welcome and good luck. Nice not to feel hungry. :)
  8. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Silver Member

    hiya! here to follow, good luck!!
  9. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    Hi all thank you for reading :) So yesterday was slightly better, I've definitely had the atkins flu longer than when I previously did this diet as it is Day 6 and I still feel quite rough and lack of energy. Yesterday's meals were:

    B - Omelette with chopped smoked sausage, red pepper, spring onions and cheese
    L - 2 Boiled eggs, chopped cheese, smoked sausage and cucumber with mayo
    D - Homemade cheeseburgers with mixed leaf salad, cucumber, mushrooms and creamy garlic and cheese sauce
    S - Smoked sausage and mayo, slices of cheese with butter and cucumber

    Unfortunately forgot to get meat out to defrost the night before so the smoked sausage was my only option, quite high in sodium though so will probably make me retain water. Better prepared today and about to put a chicken in the slow cooker :)
  10. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    Yeah I find that salami and stuff like that make me retain water too, but it will go soon.
  11. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Hi Athena - sounds like you are getting on very well :)
  12. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    So far so good ha, can feel the ketosis breath kicking in, both a good and bad thing I guess! Today's food:

    B - Scrambled egg with butter, green pepper, mushroom and cheese
    L - Corned beef, cheese, cucumber, butter and mayo
    D - Chicken, mixed leaf salad, cucumber, cheese and mayo
    S - Pepperami, 2 pickled eggs with mayo, cheese and butter
  13. kezzyBee

    kezzyBee Silver Member

    Hiya! ooh don't ya just love ketosis breath lol. Glad you're getting on so well :)
  14. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    Menu looks great. :)
  15. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    Thanks all, hope you are all getting on ok? Day 7 and finally starting to feel better so hopefully the atkins flu is passing :)

    B - Chirizo, red pepper, mushroom and cheese omelette
    L - Corned beef, cheese, cucumber and mayo
    D - Chicken kebab with salad and mayo

    Weigh in tomorrow, fingers crossed there has been some movement :)
  16. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Silver Member

    Good luck!
  17. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    Ok just weighed in, a little gutted as it's only a 2lbs loss. Still good but I was hoping for a bit more for the first week. I do think I retaining water though and totm is due. Hopefully will see a shift in the next few weeks. Managed to walk past all the cakes, sweets, pastries and chocolate today without even being tempted so all good :D Will update will meals this evening.
  18. coffeelover

    coffeelover Gold Member

    totm will definitely have an effect, you'll have a whoosh next week. :)
  19. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    Fingers crossed :)

    Today's meals :

    B - Bacon lardons, green pepper, mushroom and cheese omelette
    L - Mixed leaf salad, cucumber, chicken and mayo
    D - Pork sizzle steaks, spinach, garlic and cheese sauce
    S - Cheese with butter

    Cutting down on the pepsi max slowly every day
  20. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Silver Member

    2lb is a fine amount to lose, slow and steady and all that!
  21. athenagold

    athenagold Carbs are Evil

    Thanks Sam, I know but I know most of that is water weight ;) haha

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