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Atkins Bars ... help please! :)


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Hi guys ...

I have just done Lipotrim where i lost 6st 10lbs but now i am coming to the end of my 'refeed' i am looking for a low carb alternative for breakfast. As i am not strictly low carb - basically im cutting out breads/pastas/rices etc i will still be having fruit an veg.

I work 6:45am untill 11:45 am and i only get a 10 minute break every hour so i always have brekkie at 9:40am so am looking for a low carb alternative thats good to eat in 10 minutes.

I thought of a boiled egg and some ham, fruit on some days and then possibly an atkins bar on others just to vary it up ... any thoughts on this?

What are the bars like? nutrition wise are they very high in calories and fat?

Thanks in advance :) x
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i can't answer your question, but just wanted to say 'you go girl'!!!


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ah thanks :)

Whats this net carb stuff about? I always just look at total carbs ...
Wow what a difference, you have done so well, fantastic.

Oh and the bars have a laxative effect on some people. Be warned. LOL.

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
Hiya TJ and congrats on your weight loss so far!

Re low carb breakfasts, a good tip from the Atkins book is to just think of breakfast as another meal and not restrict what you can have, so have any combo of meat and allowed veg. Last night's leftovers can be a quick and easy thing to take with you to work. Also (my personal obsession) low carb sausages seem like a fairly portable and on-the-go snack.


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LOL about the sausages! I have just enjoyed my first sausage of the day :D

I am loving mozzarella and salami for breakfast - yummy with a couple of cherry tomatoes (carefully weighed as they are a bit carby). It makes me feel like I'm in sunny Italy on holiday :D:D

Or poached egg with ham.... tasty!


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:giggle: where do i get me some low carb sausages? They will be handy for a brekkie in work!

And Jim, thanks :) Mind you i could do with that affect right now! lol
Lidl do a great range Tanya, look for:



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so lidl, milton gate sausages then jim?! :giggle:
Yes Tanya, their my favourites. I suppose you guessed that though, but beware of the pork and apple, they are scrumptious but not legal until you go into maint.


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ok thanks jim :)

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