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Atkins highs and lows

I have been an on/off Atkins dieter for a few years, but have managed to shed 2.5 stone with it (and a lot of cycling) this last two years. I am on one final mega push for the magical 12 stone mark. I am just over 13 stone at the moment.

Anyway, I went back on the diet about a week ago and have been suffering terribly with the initial 'Atkins low'. There is no hiding the fact that your body fights tooth and nail to resist ketosis and that you can feel devastated. I always warn 'newbies' of this side effect and try to explain what is happening inside their bodies AND that the next stage is the 'Atkins high'.

But I was wondering if other people get that high. I have noticed it a few times, particularly today. It was like suddenly shooting up on the big dipper or someone popping a balloon next to my ear. It's instantaneous and really uplifting. Another side effect - possibly imagined - is that lights seem to be brighter, colours more vivid and my eyesight better.

Does anyone else get these effects?

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Nope, never had the high you're describing but no painful ankles or bloating which is great too.
nope ............. too many smarties ? sorry have nt experienced any of this ............ but well done on your loss ............ roll on 12st 13 and half xx
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Hi Brian,

Am newbie, but oldie to Atkins, and other than checking the kind of mushrooms you are having at breakfast (joshing!) then I wonder if it could be related to water retention...the eyeballs could be changing shape with excess water and then changing back? Just a theory...

Sympathies with the atkins flu...I spent day 4 curled up on the couch, feeling awful, but found being strict and having a lot of fat seemed to help limit it to just the one day. Do you have the book, as I think there are a few suggestions for dealing with it. Good luck : )

Hi again all. I probably described things badly, but I still think there is a huge feel-good factor when Atkins kicks in properly. That's one reason that I believe in the diet. I refuse to believe that anything capable of making you feel that good can be bad for you. But the initial lack of energy can be AWFUL for a few days.

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When I was eating the Atkins way a few years ago, I do remember a high of sorts ! The fact that I was hungry in the mornings - my appetite was rubbish in the mornings before, had to force myself to eat. But then for the rest of the day I had to remind myself to eat as I never felt hungry. Come 9pm I would be tired, and 10pm I would be asleep, and Id be up and raring to go at 6-7am ! I wasnt bloated; I didnt have stomach cramps; and I didnt feel sick. It took about 9 days for me to feel that way - but when it kicked in it was amazing. Like the gym high that I get, but it takes a few sessions for you to get that exercise high :)
When I was eating the Atkins way a few years ago, I do remember a high of sorts !
After this last time I have concluded that I felt SO bad for the first week or so that just being able to stand up in the morning without staggering from the effort of supporting my body would count as a massive high. The high is just feeling normal again!

Anyway, woke up to find my scales champing at the bit to give me some good news. I am under 13 stone. 12 stone 13lbs!!!!!!

32" trousers here I come. :D



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:clap::clap::clap: Woohaye Brian, fab news!

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