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Babystars diary-day 7....not well

So my last post was about having a break. I needed a couple days to assess thins, get in the right frame of mind and do this properly, not half hearted. Ive never been a quitter so im not about to start now.

Fresh start on monday and it will be 100% TS, ie no tweaking the plan at all. Thats probably whats got me in this mess....thinking i'll make it easier on myself when really i havent been.

Also got to cut down on the diet coke. I was still drinking some every day and it didnt affect ketosis but whats the point dietin to still feel yuck and bloated anyway.

Ive just over 14 weeks left til xmas and i want to lose 4 stone in that time, with the intention of having a week off for xmas and new year then resuming and being at goal by march next year. As each wasted day goes by im gettin no closer to goal an its a pain.

I know i can do it cos i have done before....so no playing around anymore. Today ive stuck to low carb altho i do intend on having a glass of wine tonight,and tomorrow i will b having low carbs too and cutting out fizzy drinks.....

No one evr said it was goin to be easy eh! i'll confirm my start weight on Monday.

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Guess who's back...?
Hey Mandy,

It sounds like you are in the perfect frame of mind. Realistic about what you need to do and fired up to get started. You may find that come Christmas you won't want a week off... after all, what is one Christmas in a lifetime.

I was half way through my weightloss (first stint) when Christmas hit in 2008. Stupidly I caved and had a proper dinner. Was amazing on the day, but I couldn't get back in the zone after that, and I was on a horrendous rollercoaster for the following month, losing next to nothing, feeling utterly miserable before I eventually gave up the ghost at the end of January. At the time the idea of "missing Christmas" felt like total torture, but looking back I massively regret the fact that I stopped for this season.

It's just about the way you look at things. For example, the actual 'food' part isn't all that special - it usually it overrated, the turkey is dry, you end up feeling bloated and ill at the end of the day etc... the stuff that makes Christmas brilliant is usually totally seperate... i.e. PRESENTS, spending time with family and friends, watching rubbish on the tele, playing games etc. I know when I look back on past Christmasses I never think about what we ate - it's about where I was, who I was with, what we did etc...

Anyway - I am digressing massively... just don't give yourself the time off for the hell of it. There are many many more Christmasses and New Years. You will choose what's best for you, if you need a break go for it - no one will judge, but just remember: it's just another day, just another lunch... :)

ANYWAY - again, I have rambled... (I do this). Really proud of you getting back on the wagon and not having a major blow out - it is SO easy to think "ah f**k it, I'm going to scoff" then regret it instantly.

Enjoy your weekend and we'll see you back on the honking board on Monday! :)

Anna x


Guess who's back...?
Also, despite me caving at Xmas... I remember going back into my LL group and the other girls were SO happy and proud of themselves for getting through the Christmas week about half a stone lighter, rather than piling on over half a stone that people put on - on average - during the same time.

I obviously wasn't one of those, I was the grumpy one that had a gain and the hell of getting back into ketosis to look forward to. Booo! ;)

A xx
lol yeah totally get what your saying....but hey i know what im like and i know that for that one day i will have a wine glass in my hand and stuffing on my plate. i think as long as we know our limits eh! ive made the mistake before on previous diets of taking full weeks off, putting on a crap lad of weight and losing it completely...its horrible aint it? There'll b no xmas puds, choccies etc etc but a nice xmas dinner with wine...you bet i will be! hehe. I have the occasional night out as it is anyway and right or wrong i always take that day off. I only go out with friends once every 4-6 weeks....again its all about knowing your limits i guess!

Thanks for your support btw, i cant wait to be on the honkin board on monday lol xx


Guess who's back...?
You obviously know yourself better than I know you, and it's brill that you are so in tune with your limits etc - I am just such a weakling... give me an inch and I take a mile... and another mile... and just one more won't hurt... ;) Hahaha.

Support is here, 24/7 - just shout :)

A x
So i intended to start today but gonna have to postpone til tomorrow and keep to low carb today. Something has come up which means i will be away most of the day and i just know i would struggle too much to restart today eek. So tomorrow it is xxx
Babystars diary - Day 1

So day one for me and going good so far. Had a vanilla/coffee shake for breakfast. I feel positive. Going to do my rowing machine for 20 mins soon then have another shake at around 2.

Going to weigh in on a monday and going to set myself a mini goal for this week to lose 7bs :)


Still Climbing That Hill!
Good luck, i love the vannila cooffe shakes im just off to have one now. Like you i would love to lose 4 stone between now and Christmas, it is possible if we keep our heads in the right place.
right, i'm going to try a vanilla shake with coffee RIGHT NOW seeing as everyone raves so much, if i don't like it, you're all owe me whatever the cost of that pack is for lying about its tastyness ;) xx
It's seriously tasty, if you like sweet add a sweetner or two I do :D
its ok ;)


Still Climbing That Hill!
It's seriously tasty, if you like sweet add a sweetner or two I do :D
I don't think the shakes need a sweetner apart from the coffee/vanilla one, im a bit wary of putting in a sweetner though, do they not slow down/affect weight loss?
Mmmm its yummy. I truly always look forward to it. I dnt think it needs a sweetner but loads of folk swear its better with one....(im more savoury than sweet person anyway).....
Depends on your taste buds hehe, my problem is I've gone from CD shakes to Exante and the difference between them is Exante has the aspartame removed! So they tasted bland to me in comparison hence the sweetners :)

And yeah sweetners are fine, some ppl report slowing of weightloss with extra aspartame but that could just be because CD etc allready have some in. I'm using sucralose sweetners myself for my black coffee and shakes.

Different strokes for different folks I guess, what ever works for you is what's best :)
Totally agree there! I use sweetners in my tea and coffee and in the strawberry shake (is it just me or is it salty lol)....CD shakes are a lot sweeter (i miss the CD choc shake lol.. yum!)

whatever works eh :) ive heard of no probs with using sweetners....none that affect weightloss anyway. xxx
gosh i hope it doesnt affect, i'm popping splenda like theres no tomorrow...
Splenda is a sucralose sweetner colly (what I'm using), you should be fine :)

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