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Back again!!! This time im gonna stick at it!!!

Well ive been reading everyone else's diaries for long enough now. Been almost completely off-plan for the last 2 weeks due to my 30th and St Pat's Day. I put on 2lbs last week and am probably going to do the same this week. Ive lost 15lbs so far and only have 12 weeks to lose a lot more! Ive been doing no exercise at all over the last while so im going to get the wii out tomorrow and do some as well as starting to walk at lunchtimes in work. So just thought I would write my ramblings in this diary as well as recording when I do exercise to see if it helps me along the road. :)
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me, me, me!! Haha, I've just returned back from shopping with:
* Caxton pink and white wafers - only 2.5 syns each
* Sainsburys BGTY sweet chilli cassava snacks - 4 syns a pack

Failing that - I'd go for a big bowl of spicy potato wedge / chips and some dip made from quark, chopped red onion and herbs.

Have a nice night. xx
thanks Louise. We ended up going out instead. I had 2 magners lite as didnt really wanna be there so only used 9 syns. Didnt feel so great, could feel a wee cold coming on me and low and behold it did in earnest on Saturday! Had breakfast then went to book campsites to take scouts away over Easter. Didnt bother with lunch and dinner was quorn curry. Then went to the Bride's house and had a wee bottle of wine.

Sunday felt awful, didnt eat breakfast or lunch. Me and my friend had arranged to go for an indian and for the first time ever I didnt drink at all. Had poppadums (4) with hot chilli dip and chicken jalfrezi (12) with boiled rice. Really hot food to try to get rid of the cold!

Yesterday felt a little better but took the day off work to recuperate. Had a brunch of bacon, scrambled egg and a half soda bread (1.5). Dinner last night was some leftover curry.

Have weighed in this morning and have lost the 2lb I put on last week. Its my boyfriend's birthday this weekend but im driving to go ten pin bowling then to chinese so at least no syns on drink!
Well last night wasnt too bad food wise. I wasnt that hungry when I went home so had a bowl of lovely vegetable soup. I got into my pjs and climbed into bed at 7. Watched Emmerdale, Eastenders, Supersize v Superskinny, One Born Every Minute. I then got out of bed and made some curry with pasta for my lunch today. Climbed back into bed to watch Shameless and fell asleep at 11!

Feel so good today after a restful night as over the weekend I had been awake on and off all night due to the cold!

Im so determined to get myself back on track after the last two weeks. Only 11 weeks on Friday to get into this bridesmaid dress! Was going to go for a walk at lunchtime today but its chucking it down so might just go on the wii later!
Didnt manage to go on the wii. Im in the process of moving bedrooms so spent a couple of hours last night moving all my brothers rubbish outta my new room. Have it painted and papered, all ready to move into, cant wait! Its also the warmest room in the house so cant wait to move out of my igloo into it!

Foodwise I made a lovely dinner last night. 2 quorn burgers, slice of bacon, fried egg, slimming world chips and cheese. Yummy. The quorn burgers wouldnt be something I could eat on their own as they seemed to be a bit cardboardy but surrounded by all that other stuff they were lovely!

Also had a half glass of rose wine topped up with diet sprite. Feel so saintly!!!

Onto today, its chucking it down outside again. Was hoping for a walk at lunchtime but its not really comfortable sitting in wet trousers all afternoon!

Gonna hopefully move some of my stuff up to my new room tonight and perhaps will be able to move in this weekend once I get my bed and wardrobes up! Its amazing how much rubbish one accumulates over the years!
Made a lovely dinner last night of stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon with baby boiled potatoes (par-boiled) then put into the oven with garlic salt and paprika, finished off with cheese and served with veg. Absolutely gorge and enough left for lunch today!

Didnt do a lot last night, just faffed about really. Did manage to put some stuff into boxes for my impending move up the two flights of stairs to my new room!

Boyfriend's birthday this weekend, im driving to the chinese so wont have any syns on drink, just chinese but feel I can make the right choices so wont be going too overboard!
so much for being good!!! I sabotage myself big style when it comes to the weekends!!! Friday night went out to the bar and was drinking magners lite, ended up sharing a chinese with boyfriend!

Saturday I spent most of the day in bed!!! Had toasted soda for lunch then went to the pub again to watch the football. This was at 5.00!!! Think I went home about 1.00am!:eek: With a chinese again!!!

Sunday was my boyfriends birthday. Didnt have any breakfast and we went out for lunch. Made good choices, drank water and had soup to start followed by salmon. Unfort this was also followed by ice-cream and nut sundae!!! Didnt eat anything else (actually two malteasters oops) or have any drink.

So Monday is here again, feel like ive put on again this week and wouldnt be at all surprised! Ive lost my mojo big style and I have to get into this dress in under 11 weeks!!!:cry:
Have decided from tomorrow im going to do a red week!!! EEEEKKKK have never done one before as I dont really like meat but have realised i like chicken, ham, gammon and seafood! So going to try to do a menu. If anyone can help me or make sure im doing it right id be very grateful. Thanks.

Breakfast - bran flakes (HEb) with milk (HEa)
Lunch – Pitta pocket (6.5) with cheese (HEa) and ham.
Dinner - Baby boiled potatoes (HEb), haddock with passata and herbs and veg.

Breakfast – scrambled egg and toasted soda (1/2)
Lunch – Pitta pocket (HEb) with cheese (HEa), sliced chicken and ham.
Dinner – Home-made burgers with cheese (HEa), bacon and fried egg with sw chips

Breakfast – scrambled eggs and bacon
Lunch – Pitta pocket (HEb) with tuna and cheese (HEa)
Dinner – Fish with baby boiled potatoes (Heb), cheese (HEa) and veg.

Friday (off work for a week – woohoo)
Brunch – Bran flakes (HEb) with milk (HEa), ½ soda bread toasted (1½), bacon, fried egg and beans
Dinner – Chicken curry with sw chips (HEb) and cheese (HEa)

Saturday (need to do EE day)
Brunch – ½ soda bread toasted (1½), bacon, fried egg and beans. Milky coffee (HEa)
Dinner – Fish and chips (HEb)

Brunch – Bran flakes (HEb) with milk (HEa), bacon, fried egg and beans
Dinner – Chicken stuffed with cheese (HEa), wrapped in bacon served with sw chips (HEb) and veg.

Monday (heading camping with scouts today for couple days. Gotta make sure I take some SW friendly food with me)
Brunch – ½ soda bread (1½), bacon, fried egg and beans
Dinner – Chicken curry with rice (HEb). Milky coffee (HEa)
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Well so far so good with the red day, although it is only the first morning hee hee. Im half-way through my first 750ml of water. Aiming to have 3 of these every day!

Weather here is pretty awful at the minute so im going to do 1/2hr on the wii tonight hopefully that'll kick-start me in the right direction.

Really feeling motivated again this morning, realise that its only 10weeks this Friday to this wedding and ive been faffing around for the whole of March, only losing 2lbs all together!!! And putting it on, taking it off, staying the same etc!!!

Gotta get my bum in gear and get myself moving as well as sticking to the plan. Have no plans for this weekend for the first time since the beginning of March so hopefully ill find it easier to stick to!

Going camping on Monday for three days with the scouts which includes an all-day hike on Tuesday so im hoping that exercise will help. Also means i wont be able to weigh however on Tuesday so will probably just leave it until the Tuesday after!
Got home at about 7.00 last night due to the awful weather!!! Was starving and my mum had made southern fried chicken! So I had some, I took the coating off and just had the chicken. She had made some roasted chips and carrots with chilli on so had some of those too!

Went to the bar then to watch the footie - shouldnt have bothered!!! Had one diet 7up then came home and got into bed. I was so cold and the snow was coming down in sheets!!! So much for the Spring!

This morning it was snowing again when I woke up! So ive managed to make it into work, roads aint so bad here compared with other parts on Norn Iron! Had fried eggs done in fry light with 1/2 soda farl for 1.5 syns! Still sticking with the red days and for tonights dinner im making home-made burgers!
I made turkey mince burgers last night stuffed with laughing cow light triangles topped with bacon and fried egg done in frylight. Yummy!!! Also had baby boiled potatoes roasted in the oven and veg. Was absolutely stuffed.

Boyfried decided we should go to the cinema last night as I have been driving him around the place for his job for the last week. So his treat hee hee. When we arrived I had a tub of candy floss - 3 syns and a small diet coke. He had a large packet of hunky dory crisps and a large fruit and nut bar - i managed to not have any of these!!!

We watched Shutter Island which kinda fried my head a wee bit. Was so strange to watch but good and very watchable with Leo DiCaprio in it!!!

All-in-all a good day yesterday. Have started this morning with a bowl of bran flakes with milk as there were no eggs in the house to make the scrambled egg! Having pitta with ham and cheese for lunch followed by melon and grapes.

I went shopping in Asda last night and picked up some frozen smoked haddock. I absolutely love smoked fish so gonna have some of that tonight with butternut squash chips and veg. Making me hungry even thinking about it.

Today will be my last day posting until after Easter. Not sure how im going to manage without checking in here daily! My boss bought me a huge Lindt Easter Egg so my boyfriend has already said he doesn’t mind sharing it with me hee hee.

Heading away with the scouts on Easter Monday. We are going camping in the Mourne Mountains on Monday night then hiking across the mountains to a forest park on Tuesday. Will need to make sure ive got plenty of SW friendly foods with me. Im making stew for the kids for Monday night and freezing it so by the time we get to the mountains it should be ready to cook. Might make myself a curry and bring it. Breakfasts will be bran flakes and milk. Will just have to get myself sorted for lunches (enough to get me over the mountains!!!) Will be drinking plenty of water and getting loads of exercise so hoping for a good weigh-in the week after next.

Phew that was a long, rambling post!!!
Ohhh good luck with the mountain trekking, eek, rather you than me. Mmm, easter egg, your OH is very sweet to offer to help you out with it. Enjoy your weekend. x
well he helped me eat it, ive got another one which i have broken down and have put in the fridge in 28g piles. Been up and down this week, very bad as been off work all week so aint really been having proper food but been hiking and walking so fingers crossed for tomorrow's weigh-in!

Weather here has been glorious for last couple days, if it stays i might get out for a wee walk tonight! Really need to get my bum in gear and get moving with some exercise, only 9 weeks til this wedding!!!
So put on 3lbs, totally understandable given ive been pretty much eating chocolate until its coming outta my ears!!! Anyhoo went for a nice long walk last night with my bf and started back into it today.

I really need to do more exercise to tone up, have joined the Wii challenge for April on fitness board. I signed up for 8hours for April, it is now the 13th and I havent even done 8 minutes. So tonight while my dinner is cooking I shall get onto the EA Active. Then hopefully going for another nice walk in the sunshine after dinner!

The wedding is getting so close now, im really afraid i aint gonna fit properly in the dress and there aint a lot of leeway to let it out. I had been so positive in Jan and Feb losing 15lbs and ever since then ive been putting on and losing the same 3lbs!!!

Ive got no events planned now until the hen weekend and if the good weather keeps up it means I can get the scouts out hiking!
awk thanks hennyhamster. :)

Well last night I had planned to make smoked haddock, sw chips and veg. However my potatoes had gone a lovely shade of green with little heads sprouting all over them so decided against them. So put the haddock into the oven with garlic salt over them and frylight. I then made up a mild cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce for 1/2 syn and added my broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn into this. I placed this all of my plate with the haddock on top and 42g of l/f cheese. It was delicious!!!

I didnt get onto the wii last night as the controller wasnt working for some reason. Will have to get my dad to have a look at it this evening and see if he can fix it!

I cleared some more stuff outta my room then had a good read of my book!!! Some 'me' time.

Started today off with bran flakes. Have a meeting over lunchtime today which could involve sarnies from work. However I have brought leftovers from last night's dinner to dissuade me from eating these!!! Fingers crossed :fingerscrossed:

Anyhoo should really be doing some work instead of sitting on here!!! Will update how I get on with the non-eating of the sarnies tomorrow!!!
Hadnt brought a fork to work with me yesterday for eating my leftovers in the car between meetings. So guess what I had two triangles of sarnies. One was salad on brown bread and the other was chicken on brown bread!!! So had to change yesterday to an EE day.

Also had a BBQ for dinner last night as it was so glorious and my friend is heading away for 6 weeks so kinda wee leaving do for her. My bbq consisted of chicken with skin removed, home-made burger, pringles and doritos (oops)

Anyway back on plan this morning. After watching Supersize v Superskinny the other night and seeing the tower running exercise I have decided every morning I will try to run the 69 stairs I have to walk up to my office. Yesterday I managed 47 and then had to walk. This morning I managed 58 and then had to walk the last flight! Quite pleased with myself and at least im getting some exercise!!!

No plans for tonight, lunch is some leftovers and dinner shall be fish with rice and veg. Might go for a walk if the sun stays out!
Well sun stayed out last night so got home from work, got changed and me and bf went to local seaside town. We had a lovely bracing walk along the promenade then stopped for chips!!! I had scampi and chip. The chips werent great as they had been in the fryer too long. So im putting down about 10 syns as only had a couple of the chips and took the batter off the scampi!

Was lovely to spend some time together and the walk was really nice. I slept like a baby last night, must be true what they say about the sea air!!!

Woke up with the sun streaming through the window this morning. So got up and showered then made myself a boiled egg and soda bread soldiers! Yummy. Made an extra boiled egg to put into a ham salad for lunch. Its so nice when the sun is shining, makes you wanna do more!!!
Had a majorly busy weekend. Never really stopped, didnt have a drink or any takeaway either!!! Gotta be a first hee hee.

Im not really prepared very well for lunch today, have a couple of apples and a dairylea dunker pack! Will have to have a very filling dinner tonight!!!