Total Solution Back again... to attempt my ultimate goal to get to 9st for my 30th

Discussion in 'Exante - Diaries' started by CrazyLadyA, 28 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Hi All!

    Im restarting Exante today with the ultimate goal to reach 9st by 17/11/14 - My 30th Birthday.

    Will update my starting weight later today :)

    Hope to have you follow and join in on the journey!!:D
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  3. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member


    Starting weight is 12s 9... I want to lose at least 3 stone by November.. So Iv got to be 100%!

    Let's do this! :)
  4. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member last week turned I to a total flop!!!

    Once I messed up I ended up totally out of control because I had in mind to restart today!

    My new start weight: 12s 11.8 lbs ... Shock horror!


    I am restarting today and will do this!!!
  5. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Today has been soooooo hard.. Was starving and light headed by 4pm today but main thing is I stayed on track!

    Roll on day 2 :D
  6. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Day 2 goin well!


    1lb 4oz down

    Hitting the gym after work too ...
  7. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    2 weeks in and I sadly failed again!


    Couldn't believe my eyes this morning when the scales said - 13s 0.4lbs!!! - 4 lb gain over 6 days!

    100% TS today... going strong so far although I want food like mad!.... Have to ignore the cravings and edge closer day by day into ketosis!...

    Wish me luck.. x

  8. Mooples

    Mooples Full Member

    Good luck!

    Aiming to be a size 14!
  9. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    12s 12.2 this morning.. Heading in right direction already!! ?
  10. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    12s 12.2 this morning!!
  11. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    You're doing well CLA, good to have you back :)
  12. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Hey hun! Hope ur well!

    Back here again.. Hoping to achieve more than I did at the beginning of the year!

    How u getting on?
  13. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Ok sooo... Fell short again end of last week...had function on weds thurs and sat... Went out for Buffett meal on sat which was nice but the last meal for me as started 100% ts on Sunday 17th.. Managed to complete day 1 successful and on to day 2.

    Could t believe how big I look in the pic from sat night!


    I'm almost back at the biggest I was! I need to take drastic action!! The pics has just made me more determined!! 3 months to my birthday and I want to be at my best when I hit 30!

    Wish me luck guys!!
  14. Mooples

    Mooples Full Member

    You can do it, I'm sure!

    Carla xxx
    Aiming to be a size 14!
  15. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Hope so mooples!!

    Went gym tonight only managed 250 cals but better than nothing I suppose.

    Anyway today I had .. Toffee bar for breaki at 10.30.... Veg soup for lunch at 1.45 and now Iv just had a warm choc shake ... Surprised I managed to wait so long :)

    In bed now Watchin tv .. So I'd say day 2 is completed successfully! :D

    Bring on day 3..
  16. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    I wish you all the luck in the world, you're doing great so far - stick with it and you'll hit your goal.....and you look beautiful in your photo :) xx
  17. Sleek_Chick

    Sleek_Chick Full Member

    You are doing well! Your goal is easily achievable! Just stick at it! :)
  18. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Aww, thanks Katie! Really don't feel it though lookin at that pic lol.

    So..anyway I had a sneaky peek at the scales...


    4lbs down in 2 days woo hoo!!! :D

    Good luck all, hope u have a good day!
  19. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member

    Thanks hun!! Really hope I can stick with it this time.. The loss Iv had over the last 2 days has really spurred me to carry on! ...

    Have a good day! X
  20. Mooples

    Mooples Full Member

    Well done!

    Carla xxx
    Aiming to be a size 14!
  21. CrazyLadyA

    CrazyLadyA Silver Member


    Manged TS Day 3 quite well considering it supposed to be one of the hardest days. I just hope Day 4 goes just as well..

    Just had my first bar of the day with a nice black coffee...

    Have a good day all! xx

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