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Back on Atkins After a long Break..... 1st WI


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Hi everyone, five years ago in 2005 i lost four stones with Atkins then moved house kids schools etc mega stressed and put it all back on plus more, i have played with Cambrige SW Exante the last few years but not getting anywhere quick and have finally given the VLCD's the boot, don't get me wrong if i could stick to them that would be great but unfortunately i cant so here i am back on Atkins after 5 years, i havn't got any of my books anymore so im going on memory of what i can remember, induction is fairly easy (to remember i mean) just not looking forward to spending loads of money on meat im on a budget as it is and a tight one at that but hopefully fingers crossed i can stick it out and see it through, i did look into Dukan but don't think it's for me, im at the heaviest i have EVER been so really need to kick a$$ and get myself into gear :p

PS i started this morning had two boiled eggs mixed with butter and some crispy bacon :D
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Still Climbing That Hill!
Also i wanted to ask of the people doing induction do you find you are eating quite a lot of calories on induction?


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Hey Petal and welcome back. Im back on atkins after a stint on dukan where i got to goal but then couldnt maintain!
you dont have to spend a lot, since 2005 there are all lidls and aldis that sell cheap meat. for example if found 6 chicken thigs and a gammon steak at 1.49 each at aldi. :)
Hi Petal - welcome back and good luck. I'm on induction at the moment week 3 or 4 (cant remember!) and not eating too many calories though I think Atkins recommends between 1200 - 1500 for women. HTH.
Hi Petal!
Well I'm only on day 5 today so we are both starting almost together. As far as I've been told, calories are not the issue and don't get hung up on them. Carbs are what matter so you can eat as much as you like but trying to keep carb limit to 20g per day.
I am not actually counting carbs of everything I eat but I do think I'm prob around the 20g mark. I'm eating eggs, cheese, lean meats, green veg, cream and flaxseed muffins so far.
I wish you well and will be keeping an eye out for your posts.
Everyone on here is fantastic and if you ask a question it is answered so quickly. Great to know others are in same boat.
Chat soon


Still Climbing That Hill!
Thank you for the welcome folks, last time i did Atkins i didnt count calories at all but this time i seem to be hung up on them not exactly sure why and it's doing my head in i was gonna have a couple more crispy bacon strips but found myself checking the calories and then didnt have them and im feeling peckish. Thanks for the tip re Aldis and Lidls .
Hi petal and welcome to our little forum. Have you read the stickies at the top, they should help.

I've never bothered about the calories myself, I'f I'm hungry I'll eat some meat.


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Petal I wouldnt bother counting cals to start, if you get to a point where you stall for example maybe look then.


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Hya, yes Jim ive had a look at the stickies lots of information there, thanks.

Vicky i dont know why im looking at calories as i know on Atkins you dont have to maybe im just getting old and set in my ways lol, incidentely ive never counted calories in my life lol so cant for the life of me work out why i am now!

Looking forward to my sugar free jelly and double cream tonight i had it almost ecery night last time yummyyyy


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Welcome Petal. I have never counted calories since I've been low carbing &, as a life-long calorie counter, that was hard!!! :(
My only advice is the same as above, don't :D
PS There is so much cheap meat around nowadays so good luck
I think you just get into a habit. i dont look at cals or fat cos i think id pass out. Just check my carbs and blur out everything else ;)
Hi and welcome back Petal. I don't count calories.

I've started induction today after a long break too and I'm loving it. I've been on SW and calorie counting and it's been so tedious.


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Hi Petal and welcome back to atkins,I never look at the fat and cals all I know is it works and thats all I need to know,but I do understand that it can be hard to get your head round it to start with.After all we have been told for years that our diets should be low fat and that carbs are good for us.Just shows how wrong they can be.
Good luck enjoy all the lovely food.
lorna x


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Thanks again for all the welcomes, well im pleased i got through day 1 100%, im trying to get the "calorie counting" out my head and just eat what im allowed if im hungry, easier said than done though! This morning i have been really hungry somehow maybe because my head is back in the diet zone and is fighting against it, have already had two hard boiled eggs mixed with butter and 3 slices crispy bacon, lol as you all know when the bacon is crispy it shrinks so doesn't seem so much haha


Still Climbing That Hill!
Thanks Lisa, enjoy your bacon and eggs and here's too day two.......

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