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  1. Rachel :)

    Rachel :) Silver Member

    Back to it today. Hoping it will be 3rd time lucky. Feeling really motivated, and ready to take it on 100% this time.

    Failed last time because I started a new job 2 days after I'd started back and it's quite a physical job and so I caved and gave up, that was in November.

    Keeping fingers crossed this time :)
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  3. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Welcome back Rachel and sincelery the best of luck, 2013 is a good time to shift those lbs, lot of positive vibes on the boards at the min will help keep you in check xx
  4. gero1

    gero1 Full Member

    Good luck, I am a 1st time - completed day 1 - we will be on the journey at the same time :))
  5. Rachel :)

    Rachel :) Silver Member

    Thanks for your replies, that's really nice of you. I'm feeling good about it all.

    Gero how you finding your first day?

    Wow nina you must feel amazing! That's a massive achievement, well done x
  6. gero1

    gero1 Full Member

    It's been ok - my biggest 'problem' is that I thought there would be a decent level of tastes off the shakes, but no! Actually I'll rephrase that the chocolate shake which I had as a hot chocolate & fruits of forest shake were ok, I will stock up on Fruits of F next week defiantly, but the plain porridge was not the best at all, like sweetened powdery sawdust and leek& potato soup was like salty gritty leek taste.

    I think more shakes next week - I see why SS+ is hard now!

    Have you started today?
  7. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Thanks Rachel, its taken 9months thanks to messing around a lil bit and i cant SS but ive made myself a promise to not have any treatnights until after my 30th i'm on day 17 of 100% and soon to be 42 days til i'm 30 and hoping to lose another 21lbs by then.

    How much are you wanting to lose and do you have good support?
  8. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Gero mint choc is lush infact most of shakes are, how muich water are you mixing them with? I always do at least 300mls water and whizzed in hand blender for a min makes it all frothy and lasts longer and then occasionally bung in micro to warm up. Choc orange is v nice warmed too but can taste a bit bitty cold.
  9. gero1

    gero1 Full Member


    I was going to get a normal blender (what I use for my homemade soups etc) but I am wondering if a hand whisk/blender would be easier & less bulky on the side in the kitchen. You just pour out the whisk cup as opposed to big glass jug.

    I'm going to Argos site lol. After I've had another pee, jeez I've been loads today!

    Yes I'm glad you said you put more water in coz I think they are too strong with the ML they recommend.
  10. Rachel :)

    Rachel :) Silver Member

    My fab is choc orange. I just do shakes and bars nothing else. I'm to scared to lol I'm hoping to loose 3 st. I'm just under 12 now and want to get back to 9 ish.

    Today is my first day, just had a mint choc shake and it was really hard to get down, I just used tap water though and so it wasn't very cold. Have put a bottle on the fridge for tomorrow :)

    I've set myself a mini challenge of a stone and a half by march 8 th.

    How much are you both hoping to loose?

    Will catch you both tomorrow, my bed is shouting me :)

    Night ladies x
  11. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    If you do decide on a blender as in a big bulky thing the shakes are lush with 300mls of water and 7-8 ice cubes all blended up turns into a v v v v nice smoothie!!!
  12. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Hope you get a good sleep Rachel and that tomorrow is a very nice easy day for you. ooooo in my opinion shakes with just tap water are a nono, i put mine in fridge for least 4hrs or freezer for 45mins before i have one unless im having it warm of course lol

    I've lost 87lbs so far and want to lose another 21 by my bday in 6wks then i'll have 12lbs to get to being overweight and then itll be about 2st more to get to healthy BMI
  13. night-owl

    night-owl Gold Member

    Get yourself a Toffee and Walnut shake and mix a teaspoonful in with the Original Porridge -- it's really nice. Reminds me of Oats So Simple with Maple Syrup.
    Pass on all of the soups myself.
    Soon you will be able to have the bars (Malt Toffee is my fav) and that will expand your horizons dramatically so hang in there it gets better!
  14. Rachel :)

    Rachel :) Silver Member

    I've kind of got myself stuck in a rut with the different flavours, I know what unlike and I don't dare try anything new. I think it's cos this diet is expensive and I don't want to waste anything.

    So far this morning I'm raring to go. Feel a bit light headed but other than that ok. Ill hold off on my first shake until about 11 ish. Got lots of jobs to do round the house to keep me busy. Tuesday and Wednesday are my only days off so I need to get over the worst of it by the time I go back to work.

    Hows everyone else doing this morning?
  15. gero1

    gero1 Full Member

    Morning all,

    Funnily enough I spent the night having dreams where I was eating broken Bourbon biscuits (which I hate), and jam creams :) - and when I was getting weighed I hadn't lost anything - but in the dream I genuinely thought these were allowed on my bizarre!

    My CDC told me Cappachino is nice hot, with an extra teaspoon of coffee so think I'll have a go of that for breakfast.

    I ideally have 3 stone to loose (well 5st if I had it in me to be thin & keep going for that long) I am 14st now and happy to get to 11st, 12 would even make me smile!

    I am doing SS+ 4 shakes/white tea & coffee - the harder one must be 3 shakes & black tea/coffee??

    I think I may go to the 3 shakes & a 200kcal meal next week - but I would think 4 shakes would drop the weight quicker?

    When & how do bars come into the plan? I could have done with a book explaining all this to me!
  16. Rachel :)

    Rachel :) Silver Member

    Didn't you get a book? You can have the bars at 2 weeks I think. But only one a day and you have to have extra water to.

    I can't stand coffee...I seriously wish I did like it but however many times I have tried to like it I just can't lol

    ive got a mountain of ironing to do this morning...I might crawl under it and have a snooze lol
  17. Rachel :)

    Rachel :) Silver Member

    First shake down, with nice cold water this time. Much better :)
  18. McGoo

    McGoo New Member


    I started the SS yesterday, I am new to this site (new to forums) so a beginner in every way.
    I am looking for someone that is on this journey also so this looks like the place. I am on stage in 3 weeks at a local event and decided I was feed up wearing the same few pieces of black cothes (size 18) that fit me when I have a wardrobe full of wonderful colours (from size 10 - 14). A size 14 sounds wonderful at the moment. I am hopeing that I will at least feel good after 3 weeks on this diet
    I took my three shakes yesterday I blend them with crushed ice and water and I love them. Banana and strawberry are my favourite. I went to bed early last night so I wouldn't be tempted. So far today is going well however it is only 11.30am

    I wish you all well and here goes.................
  19. night-owl

    night-owl Gold Member

    Yeah, week 3 you should be allowed to buy some bars, same goes for tetras I think, but only ever allowed one bar a day.

    The Broken Biscuits Diet is a very famous diet -- everybody knows that broken biscuits don't count LOL!!

    What height are you Gero coz I'm 14 and a half stone too, but only 5ft 3, and I found that hitting 12 stone was good, and getting under, down to about 11 stone very good indeed (that gets me into most size 10's!).
  20. Rachel :)

    Rachel :) Silver Member

    I was dreaming about eating chicken nuggets....very odd because I don't even like them lol. Chocolate and bread are my downfall.

    Well done Mcgoo on your first day. Keep glugging the water it really does help. I like sparkling water better than just plain.

    Night owl I'm a shorty to at only 5-2, you really feel it when your short. My friend is about 5-7 and the same weight as me and she always looks amazing :(
  21. Rachel :)

    Rachel :) Silver Member

    Morning. I feel crap this morning. No energy, no enthusiasm. Found it hard to get out of bed even. It'll be better when I'm back at work tomorrow it will take my mind off it as ill be busy.

    Ive been drinking loads but feel dehydrated this morning. Roll on day 5!

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