Just bought U Magazine, its an irish young persons magazine and oh my god did Lipotrim get a good ol slapping!!!

the author seems to have done a good bit of research and was told by the Lipotrim People in the UK that you needed medical supervision and then rang the chemists in ireland and was told ya didn't so to start with she is wondering what the hell is going on.

one of her points was:

- if you can be disciplined enough not to eat at all how come you can't be disciplined enough to eat healthily and exercise more - at the weight i am now i could kinda see where she is coming from but at 16.5 stone i would have thought f*** you.... she is obvioulsy not overweight or ever had the struggle of yo yo dieting

she also goes on to say that the Irish Medicines Board has dubbed Lipotrim as dangerous and because its not regulated by any medical board that they can't do anything about it but it has been passed to the Food Saftey Authority of Ireland who are investigating it!!

She is mainly giving out about people with a BMI of 25 of just over doing the diet and it shouldn't be available to people with such small losses.

Another point made is that she has been informed that it is impossible to lose more that 2lbs per week of FAT!!

What ya think of that girls and boys...... I'm at this moment looking for an email address to write to this girl and tell her all about it.... anyone want to chip in??? we could all compile a letter together or maybe the more people that write to her the better???

just thought i'd let yis know!!!

Gen xx

ps... i did lipotrim for 5 weeks and never felt better, changed to CD because it was nicer otherwise i'd be still on lipotrim!!
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I think you're always going to get a bit of controversy over vlcds - there's another bit of propaganda on another thread that's resurfaced yet again today. Just take it with a pinch of salt! People will feel more confident in their safety in time, just as we now feel happier about alternative medicines whereas 20 years ago, if you used homeopathic treatments, you were regarded as a nutter! lol
Totally agree with ya Isobel, I just really wanted to put this up in case any newbies read the article cos if i didn't know how good lipotrim is i really would be put off by that article!! she is kinda saying the 'quick fix' diets don't work but as we all know VLCD's are not quick fixes but life changing!!
The reporters lack of understanding about how we can't just eat healthily and exercise if we can withdraw from food completely just expresses what many of the population who haven't suffered with weight issues.

This just highlights why forums like minimins is so vital to me. My friends and family have been great but they don't understand either nor can anyone that hasn't done a VLCD. :rolleyes:
Perhaps the reporter also doesn't understand why alcoholics just can't exercise their own discipline in only having one glass of wine????????
That's an analogy I would use too or an ex smoker should just have 1 fag when they are out :rolleyes: