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Bad tummy ache!!

Hi Guys,

Its my 1st day back after a week off - I done the re-feed for a couple of days then went off the rails a bit with my valentines meal and a little alcohol..

Feel like I've put on about 4lbs cos for the past 2 days I've felt really bloated and my stomach is rock solid.. :cry::cry::cry:

PLUS - its just got even worse all of a sudden - I'm in so much pain.. (Its not TOTM or anything like that as I dont have them due to the mini pill)..

Can anyone suggest anything - I'm in work until 6.30 - but will try anything when I get home to take the pain away (I feel like a balloon)...

Help!! :needhug:
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Getting thinner everyday!
Peppermint tea is good for soothing the digestive system and it's allowed on LT.

Hope you're feeling better soon



I will be skinny again!!!
I dont have a clue chick im sorry!!

But hope you feel better soon :)


I will be skinny again!!!
It could be an over intake of food.. your bodies used to not having any and now you have kind of over eaten?? Maybe that it is having problems digesting it?
yep eatin is bad i had a slip up last week and had terrible gut ache for days afterward hot water helped me xx
hope you feel better soon

as said its probably as your not used to the volumes of food and alcohol
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the advise - I'm feeling much better today.. I'm going to pop to the chemist just to weigh today (got a weeks worth of shakes at home) cos I think I've put on a lot of weight after my bad week - so I want to know the correct amount I lose this week..

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