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Barb's slow but steady improvement diary!


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I make no promises. Nor strict rules. I just want to feel a bit better.
Not be slimmer of the year, drop six dress sizes or look fab at 50.
I would just like to address a few habits that are not helpful to my health. I'd like to drop a few lbs every now and again so that I feel comfier and less 'bulky'. I'd like to feel able to move a bit more and be more 'nimble'. Thats it really. For the first time in my life I'm thinking more about how I feel than how I look.
My first commitment is to start doing a bit more healthy shopping, from there healthier eating should follow. I am not organised about shopping, I go without a list, bung in whatever I fancy and pay up. I need to plan more and make sure I have quick and easy healthy stuff in that will stop me reaching for the not so healthy fast stuff. I think that will be a good start.
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Back on the wagon!
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Just wondering if you were going to follow a particular plan. I was on LT but am now on the low GI plan and have the whole family eating it and we all feel so much healthier. Now I will admit to a few "blow outs" ie the old me getting in control for time to time lol.

When I stick to it I feel great and the pounds have definately moved..........

Best of luck with your new journey.....


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TBH I have not got as far as a definate 'plan'. I think I want to sort of sneak up on myself with a change of eating etc without putting myself off too much. Hope that makes sense, I know it sounds a bit mad!

You sound like you are doing well and the healthy eating plan for the whole family is the ideal.


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Went out to 'posh' hotel for twins 21st birthday dinner last night. Hated feeling so stuffed with rich food. Chose fairly well but everything was creamy and heavy. Good really because I have woken up today, after a nice night of indigestion, keen to have a very light day. I fancy staying well clear of high calorie stuff - that has to be a bonus!
Will go shopping this morning and stock up on fruit, veg, low cal homous etc..


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Good shop; bought strawberries, bananas, nectarines, grapes, apples, celery, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, onions, courgettes, beansprouts, prawns and houmous.
Came home and had a healthy lunch. Feel better already!


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A good day yesterday. Feel better, back in some semblance of control! Aiming at the same today really, just lost of good healthy food. Need to feel better - fast!


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Hi Barb,

Well done on having a good day yesterday and I hope you also have another good one today.

I feel it is absolutely necessary to claim our achievements no matter how small as they all add up at the end of the day and move us forward in the right direction.

Have to say I was drooling :drool: over your shopping yesterday, all lovely healthy food that I love and miss...

Re the 21st birthday party, belated birthday wishes to the twins:)

Love Mini xxx


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Thanks Mini - i'll pass those wishes on. Can't believe 'my babies' are 21. The other two are 25 and 27, but I think it has really hit me that my two youngest are now very much 'grown up'! I'm lucky though, they are lovely kids.

Mini, I'm only back because of you. i'm so glad you got in touch, it was the little gentle push I so badly needed. I feel much happier now that I am making an effort. I'm not expecting miracles but if I can chip a few lbs away I know I will feel so much better.

I still can't get over how well you have done. 68lbs is just amazing. You will be at goal for Christmas, won't you? How fab is that!



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S: 18st2lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st1lb(16.93%)
Hi Barb,

It is a huge milestone when your babies reach 21! and it is very special both for the twins and you and your husband as parents.:) Times like this are meant to be celebrated and cherished.

It is lovely to see you back posting Barb as I missed you greatly about, I might not post to often on your diary but I always love reading as you have some very wise words at times.

I think you are right with your approach as often we can put far too much pressure on ourselves unnecessarily.

Weight wise myself I am now in the danger zone as I was here before and lost the plot...very happy to be here again but I am waiting to exhale as I would like first of all to break into the tens...and I expect and very hopeful this time to be ten stone by Christmas, I would be over the moon if I am.

I think you will hear me scream with delight from here:D

Love Mini xxx
Doing ok - not perfect, not terrible, but ok. I don't feel obsessed, unusually for me, but I do feel calm and collected. I know a big loss would be great but I also know that it's not gonna happen. I do feel healthier already, which is what I'm aiming for. I need to focus on that and be satisfied. If I pile on the pressure then I start to fail. Not going down that road again!

I'm going to celebrate the triumphs, even little ones like eating one biscuit with my tea not two! It's all going to add up, isn't it?

Mini, when I hear you scream, which I know I will, I will join in. No-one will be happier for you than me!

Talking of one biscuit instead of two - I thought I would work out how many cals/weight difference one biscuit would make over a year. It's 16425 cals or just over 4.5lbs. One little change and that makes quite a difference. I tend to have a ginger bisc (or2) with my morning tea and then again in the afternoon. So if I stick to one bisc at each cup and no more, then by altering nothing else, I should be 9lbs lighter in a years time!
Thats got me thinking, how many cals could I 'save' without hardly noticing?
I'm going to do some serious thinking and make some notes, more later!
Good day yesterday. Out in evening for a chinese, nice treat, didn't go too mad, too much wine but I had been very careful all day, so I don't think much danage will have been done. Going to ice the twins birthday cake and then hoover the downstairs. That should keep me out of mischief!
Hi Cah Ching Darling! Good to see you popping in!

Well, frantic day yesterday. Twins 21st party - about 25 people for lunch and about 30 for dinner. Started at 1pm went on till wee hours and finally settled down to sleep at 4am (having done almost all clearing up)!

Feel really, really tired. Have not had a very 'healthy' weekend but will be back on track tomorrow. On the plus side I really have been too busy to eat and although the buffet food was yummy, most of it was gone by the time I remembered to go and have some!

oh well, kids had a great time and we can now start the two week count down to my 50th!
A good day yesterday - nibbled on a few naughty things but only tiny amounts. Had a 'proper' dinner in the evening with lots of veggies. DH offered to take us all out for a curry, but I just faniced a plain healthy meal.
Weighed this morning and 3lbs have gone! Really pleased as have not been all obsessive about it, just have cut down on the naughties and upped the healthy stuff.

So thats a pretty good start to build on, I wasn't aiming at the weight loss as the most important thing so although I am pleased with 3lbs I am not automatically working out what I could lose next week. I might lose I might not. It's the feeling healthier that matters most and not piling on the pressure.
Thanks Irene, I notice you are doing really, really well. Very pleased for you, WW obviously suits you.
A good couple of days, nothing amazing to report except last night the twins came home with the BIGGEST box of belgian chocs I have ever seen, to thank me and DH for their party! Well, I tried not to eat too many, but it wasn't easy! We encouraged the kids to share, but I was so tickled they'd thought of it I didn't worry too much about the cals.
Still sticking with my 1 biscuit and ast night had loads of lovely veggies with my dinner.
Trying not to panic about fitting in a BA seat when we fly to NY in 5 weeks time! Those economy seats are tight! Still, any lbs lost will make a diff and it's no good worrying.
A good few days; not being brilliantly good but not too bad either. My one biscuit rule seems established so now I want a new one to get fixed.
Mid morning fruit, every day without fail? Yes, starting today!


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sounds like you're doing well barb :D

it's a really good plan doing it this way i think. i am too desperate to get thin for my wedding for me to take this route but i think it is the best route in the long run...

abz xx

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