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Hi All,

thaught i had better start a diary as today has not been that good:cry:. I started lipotrim yesterday (ate last monday night) and by the end of this morning I had fainted twice.

I stopped feeling faint after a bowl of ceral but with lipotrim it is shakes/ soups only so it feels like a bit of a failure.

I am determined to do this though so I thaught i would try two shakes and a meal in the evening tomorrow, anyone have any ideas?

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Day three - tortoise in the snow

Day 3

Going to phone pharmacy today to see what i can do about the fainting on lipotrim.

Its snowing!!!!:)

I know it is a pain for travel, but it looks so beautiful. My pet baby tortoise is looking out the window, and has been transfixed by watching the snow fall for at least 20 mins now. How cute is that!!


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Day 4

After having to eat on day 2 and three due to fainting I am determined to do it today.:)

Strangley, although I ate I have still lost 4 lbs since monday and my ketostix are pink. I was told that this wouldnt hapen on lipotrim if i ate. :confused:

Anyway I have a day off work today so i am determined to do it, if i can lose 4lbs and eat imagine what i would lose if i just stuck to my shakes. :rolleyes:

fingers crossed no fainting today! I have plenty of "Save the date" cards to make today for my wedding so that will keep me busy.

Thanks everyone, by reading all the lipotrim threads yesterday really encouraged me to try it again!!:D


Busy busy busy!!
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Have you thought of splitting your shakes - so you have them more regularly throughout the day?? I know on CD I advise my clients to do that if they feel faint as it can be a lowering of the blood sugar.


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Day five - rainy saturday afternoon

Day 5 - rainy saturday afternoon

Did anyone else notice their mood worsend during their first week on lipotrim?? I seem to be wavering between ok and angry / tearful?:cry:

Theese boards really help though and at least i am now at the end of the first week which is good. I had a sneaky step on the scales today :rolleyes: and it looks like i have said bye bye to 5lbs. :p:p:p:p:p

I will have to wait untill monday when i go to the pharmacy to see if it is correct.


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Day 6

Fainted again yesterday on the landing:eek::eek::eek: Lipotrim definatley does not agree with me:( I am just going to follow the principle by haveing a vlcd but spread a little food throughout the day and hope that i can manage with that.

I know i will lose weight slower but at least i will be safe. I would advise anyone who is very overweight like me to seek medical advice before trying something like lipotrim.

Off to visit the in laws today to do invitation prep for the wedding :eek::eek::eek:


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Day 9 - Disaster day

I appear to be slipping back into bad habits!:cry: :(:cry::(:cry::(:cry:

Ho hum!!! I will keep trying. i just cant seem to cope with reducing calories. I am mentally feeling OK but physically i am not good. I was wondering if i should go to GP to see what is going on. If i reduce my sugar intake i feel rubbish.



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Day 11 - whoopeeee!!!

:p:p:pDay 11 - Whoopeee!!!!

My trousers and skirts are getting looser!!!:p:p:p I had a job to stop them falling down whilst cleaning (my job) this morning!!!

I orderd some lipotrim maintenance products a couple of days ago and tried them out yesterday afternoon and this morning, they are much more filling etc than the pharmacy diet.

I know it will take me longer to loose weight but no fainting yet yey!!!:p:D:D:D

Although i have swapped from lipotrim to healthy eating and (from next tue) onto maintenance my weight seems to be between 243 and 244 lbs which is about the same as last monday!!:D:D:D At least i havent put loads of lbs on coming off lipotrim which is brill:D:D

Off to print off more wedding stationary:eek: have to do it myself as i am skint:( Nevermind who will know (except you guys of course;)