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Been a bit naughty!

I made a nutella sandwich for my daughter and she just ate quarter of it and i ate the rest:eek: It was made with white bread so 5 syns each plus 4 syns for the nutella! Feel angry at myself for wasting 14 syns on it and plus used 2 syns on phili so have no more syns for a sweet treat:mad: Well i suppose im only one syn over will have to wait for a sweet treat 2moro. Sorry jus had to get it off my chest x
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Well you had it and have synned it so done the right thing. Would have been easy to just pretend it didn't happen OR be so furious with yourself that you decided you had screwed up and decided to throw in the towel.

I made bread with the kids I take care of and when we took it out I had a slice with clover and jam...normally i would then just keep going and pig out but i had my slice enjoyed it and moved on.
Pre sw i would have gone on a major binge but since sw there havent been many occasions where i wanted to pig out. Just feeling very hungary today and so had a mug full of tea to keep me full til dinner x
I am hungry today too, i just had 2 unplanned min green and black's bars and a cup of tea. Which were lovley but annoyed now because it means I can't have a treat later :-( I guess sometimes we just have to make choices. Gonna to make another cuppa to keep hunger at bay a little longer
Know what you mean, i`ve had a starving day today, don`t know what`s wrong with me lol !!! But i`ve managed to stave of stuffing my face so far lolol !!

I do love nutella though ... so i feel a teensie weencie bit jealous .. was it lovely and gooey ? ? ? :D
Well done on stopping yourself ... don`t know if i`d have been as strong lolololol x


Just doing it this time
I had a terrible hungry day yesterday could not stop popping bits and pieces in my mouth - I had to pop to asda for tea bags and remembered on their new adverts about the lemon yoghurt - so I went and looked - big tub 450ml - 125 per 100 ml - I came home and I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything lemony so had a bit of a taste and then a bit more and then a bit more and within 10 minutes the whole LARGE tub had gone - I have been good again today - hope I can be good for the rest of the weekend and get another couple of pounds off.

Fingers crossed.

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