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Been Advised Atkins Doesn't Work

Hello all,
This week has been the first week i've been on the atkins.
My scales first said 11.2 when i started, i weighed myself a couple of times through the week which i know i shouldnt have done, it went up to 11.56 then this morning i'm 11.4 so technically ive put on 2 pounds.!
Went to yahoo answers and i was advised atkins doesn't work, it gets rid of your water weight the first 2 weeks so you think youve lost weight and as soon as you start eating carbs again you put it all on
can anyone give me words of wisdom i feel like giving up im never going to be below 11stone i know it :( i was so positive with this diet too.:wave_cry:
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any diet you do you will lose water the first 2 weeks. Of course this diet works - take a look at Jim and some of the other 'losers' on here. A lot of people lose weight quickly, but have a look at my weight loss its been slow but quite steady. I know im the worst culprit but maybe try and do weigh in once a week, instead of every day.
You will get below your 11 stone, just give this chance xxx
maybe i'll give it another week and start from 11'4 now and see if i lose anything, can you give me some tips as to what to eat? should i stay away more from red meat because of more calories and stick with chicken fish vegetables and salad?

Lisa D

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I only just started the diet yesterday so haven't got the right answers for you but I do know that when I weigh myself all the time I get very disheartened if I havent seen a loss and often give up a diet before i've even got through the first week. This time i'm determined to try it differently and stay off the scales or at least give it a couple of weeks before I decide I don't think it's working.

I would say hang on in there for a while longer, like Vicky says you can see on here that others are losing weight successfully :)


Call me Linzi...
I've lost over 35 lbs since the start of the year so I can tell you it does work... there are times when you stall but you have to judge what you can & can't get away with but there are also times when you'll get a whoosh!

I was drinking squash but the citric acid in it stalls me... once I dropped to plain water its started to drop off me again.

Cheese, atkins bars or foods with polyols in it can stall some people... you need to give it some more time & work out what foods work for you. Atkins is a great way to see how complex & amazing the human body is.

keep on trucking misses. xx


Call me Linzi...
P.s..... don't trust the scales... they lie!! The best way to see if your losing is by measuring, you'll be suprised by how many inches you can lose with the scales not showing any weight loss.

And yes if you go back to your old way of eating carbs then you will put it all back on BUT (the bit they don't tell on places like yahoo) is that if you re-introduce carbs gently & properly back into your diet then you won't gain the weight back.

Hope this helps... Atkins has & always will get a bad rep b'coz people assume its all meat, no carbs (ie: veg) & nothing else and don't take the time out to see the science behind it all & that you have to follow it properly like any other 'diet'! The plus side of this one is that you get to eat... yummy stuff too!

Hope this all helps. xx
well said ditz... especially the part about the scales..

get some measuring tape and write down your measurements... good luck and you can do it
I have lost 46lbs!! so I think that speaks for itself!

and I've lost 167, and maintained it. Most people who say Atkins doesn't work mean that people don't maintain the loss, but that's true of most diets I'd think.
Brilliant Jim! That is fantastic, and I have lost a total of ten stones (140 pounds). Without Atkins I would never have made it this far, only pounds from goal. I would love to post before and after pix but I hate reminders of my old morbidly obese self. One day I might.

Give it a good chance and please for the sake of your sanity and peace of mind don't jump on and off the scales every day. It just brings you down as this not a VLCD and the speed of losses will vary from week to week.

Good luck to all, and enjoy the lovely food. I sure do!