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been prescribed reductil


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I had them a few years ago, and i did lose 5 stone, but i think that was down to swimming every day and following WW. My doc said they would suppress my appetite so would be easier to stick to a diet but to honest i didn't notice any difference.
Give them a go, they may work wonders for you, and there are no side effects that i could see so won't do you any harm.
Good luck!!!


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Good luck with it, I hope you lose weight, but if you have any side effects you must see your doctor again, so do take care. X


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Yes, there are side effects - they will make you constipated, they can increase your blood pressure, they made ME grind my teeth, I don't know if that is a standard side effect, but all these things happened to me.

Oh, and they make you sweat more than usual.

As for the appetite suppresant part, they made me feel ever so slightly sick, just enough for the thought of eating any food to repel me. But only til like, lunchtime.

Just eat well hun and do a bit more exercise. The drugs don't work...

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Hmm..I thought Reductil was the same kind of thing as Xenical and the newer one on the market (name forgotten now!!) Lol
If this is the case....dont take them!!! I was prescribed Xenical Orlistat and they made my life miseable!
To put things nicely....you will be too afraid to break wind, cough, burp or sneeze without having to change your underwear (this is a side effect if you eat fat). You will end up taking washing liquid to the loo with you in order to get rid of the oil!
I followed the SW plan whilst taking these and after 2 months I went back to weigh at surgery and had lost 1lb....1lb for rushing to the nearest loo, buying new underwear every single week!!

If they are the same tablets Hun...I would seriously think about taking them!


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Hi Sonya

Reductil is an appetite suppresant. There are side effects, however, there is a thread on here, and it may be worth a visit, where people are supporting each other and have lost vast amounts of weight.

It may be worth chatting to those people who are taking it at the moment. It is under "any other diets".
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reductil and xenical work in different ways, reductil works on the brain, and xenical works on the gut. I taken them both, xenical - i had all the side effects of 'bottom' problems to indegestion, reductil - my usually normal bp went up and I had terrible headaches, i did loose weight on both but put it back on when i stopped them, sorry not to have been more help!

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Thank you for clearing that up Hun...I always thought they were the same thing!
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I have been on these tablets earlier in the year. They do work to a point however once your body gets used to them the dose usually needs to be increased. There are side effects like the increase in BP however mine stayed the same. The only thing i did notice was that when i was in the gym eg. on the treadmill my heart rate was hitting 220 bpm which was about 70 bpm more than usual needless to say it scared the hell out of me and despite the practice nurse telling me not to worry about it, i stopped taking them. I am now on SW and loving every minute of it! I can honestly say in all the years of doing half hearted diets and trying WW, this is the first one that has worked and the only one that i have actually wanted to do. I originally started in July, lost 10lbs in 3 weeks then due to some personal issues i stopped going temporarily and stopped food optimising. I started again last week and have lost the 7lbs i put back on already. I am also starting the gym this week. I am finally motivated to lose weight on my own. Believe me i have tried the diets, weight loss tablets and seriously considered getting a gastric band but now i don't see the point because i have proved to myself that i can do it on my own steam.

All i can say is try them and see how you feel on them but they are not an easy way out - you still have to change your lifestyle. You can only usually have them for 12 months and after that you still have to maintain your weight loss.

Hope this helps :)


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If you do Slimming World, then appetite suppressants won't be so important as you don't have to go hungry. In fact, you have to make sure that you eat enough, so a suppressant might be counter productive.

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