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Before weight, current weighy, goal weight

Hi all.
I'm new to the forum and new to Atkins.
Most of you seem to be quite familiar with each other and each persons story.

But for all us new folks I was hoping you could share your experience with us by replying with your:

Before Atkins weight
Current weight
Goal weight
Length of time on Atkins
And any tips/secrets you have on how to stay in the wagon.

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Hiya, i was 13stone 4 lbs when i started last march. Currently 11stone 10lbs, goal is 10stone 7lbs. I would have been at goals long ago but i was messing around with weight watchers in between which didn't suit me. Tips for staying on the wagon..... Variety!! Don't get stuck in the just plain meat and egg rut. Nothing will bore you quicker. Also talk about how you feel with your peers here when you feel like giving up, you'll get inspiration and support to carry on.
Diet: Atkins Maintenance
Height: 6' 1"
Start Date: May 2002
Start Weight: 350lb
Current Weight: 183lb
Goal Weight: 183lb

BMI Information:
Start BMI: 46.2
Current BMI: 24.1
Goal BMI: 24.1

Total Weight Loss: 167lb
Weight to Lose: 0lb
% Lost 47.71%


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Hi & welcome
Before weight 12st 51/2lbs (but have been as high as 13st 8lb!!)
Now weight 10st 3lb
Goal weight between 9 & 91/2 st
Joined 30/3/2010


Call me Linzi...
Diet: Atkins OWL
Height: 5' 6"
Start Date: 11/01/2010 (1 year & 2 weeks on Atkins)
Start Weight: 298.5lb (21 stone 4lbs)
Current Weight: 187.5lb (13 stone 5.5lbs)
Goal Weight: 154lb (11 stone)
Goal Date: Some day soon!

BMI Information:
Start BMI: 48.2
Current BMI: 30.3
Goal BMI: 24.9

Total Weight Loss: 111lb
Weight to Lose: 33.5lb
% Lost 37.19%

Don't go hungry, don't be afraid of fat & don't touch alcohol for yr first 2 weeks it brings on awful cravings! Oh and.... Plan, plan & plan yr food. x
Thanks! I'm a big statistic geek and love knowing details like this!
And you should all be so proud of yourself!
Keep em coming guys xxx
Hello and welcome.

start weight 15 stone 13 pounds
current weight 12 stone 12 pounds(this weight was lost by using lipotrim/cambridge)
Only been doing atkins for 6 days.
good luck
i started at 306lbs... this was last june...
came down to 267 by october and had a holiday in between
started a new job and fell off the wagon due to not planning and not having time to even fart never mind eat haha......got past christmas and back on the wagon in jan....

so far lost 9lbs and really want to lose the 5lbs to make it a stone in my first month :D

im 5"11 and have a very large chest and no amount if dieting will get rid of it haha, thats where a lot of my weight is....soo top heavy lol
im 5"11 and have a very large chest and no amount if dieting will get rid of it haha, thats where a lot of my weight is....soo top heavy lol
I think I'm in love. :D

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