Step 1 Sole Source Beginning my cambridge journey...any new starters out there?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by slinkymelinkylonglegs, 17 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. slinkymelinkylonglegs

    slinkymelinkylonglegs Full Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently on day 2 of my Cambridge Diet journey. After years of 'playing' at losing weight, iv just gotten serious ?

    Yesterday was ok. I didn't really enjoy the rice pudding or leek and potato soup, the the shakes and lemon bar were fine. I did manage to drink all of my water though (with a small bit of the water flavouring!)

    Today may be harder. It's almost 10am and today all iv had I'd 500mls water and a mug of earl grey tea. I generally find that the longer I wait for breakfast, the less hungry I feel.

    Are there any other new starters around?

    My stats; 5"10 17st 9

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  3. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    welcome along!

    Youre allowed to add herbs and spices to your soups/shakes etc, and that bars do help....the ability to chew somethings makes all the difference! :)

    Not a new starter, but just keep going until the first week weigh in! Its so worth it you wont want to give up or cheat! :)
  4. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Hi slinky, I would class myself as more of a returner rather than new starter but more than happy to join forces. On day 2 myself and feeling quite positive. Long may it continue!
  5. slinkymelinkylonglegs

    slinkymelinkylonglegs Full Member

    Hi Anne ?

    How was day 4 for you?

    I'm still 100% and feeling great! Headaches have subsided and i seem to be full of energy which is a bonus!

    Went to see consultant earlier to switch out sons products, iv found a few which I enjoy ( vanilla and mint choc powder, all the tetras and chilli soup) so have stocked up on them.

    I checked for ketones this morning, but my ketostix didnt really change colour at all which was a surprise as I do feel a change in my body which I assumed was ketosis. Are you there yet?

  6. slinkymelinkylonglegs

    slinkymelinkylonglegs Full Member

    Hi Lizz,

    How long have you been doing Cambridge for? How are you finding it? I love it so far!
  7. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    9 weeks in now :) and I am happy as larry. It's hard work at times but it's worth it long term. Eye on the prize and all that

    Current loss: 30lbs and 24inches
  8. AnneJ66

    AnneJ66 Never give up

    Just finished day four and feeling fab. Yesterday was a wobble, felt a little light headed and starving but didn't cave so really pleased with myself. Today has been a doddle, not hungry at all and got loads done. At work now till 5am so too busy to miss food. (I never eat at work). Hope tomorrow is as easy as today. Fingers crossed. Have you been tempted to weigh yourself yet? X
  9. slinkymelinkylonglegs

    slinkymelinkylonglegs Full Member

    Work till 5am Wowsers....that's gotta be tough when canbridge'in. What do you do?

    Iv just arrived at my lunchtime appointment and am about 40 minutes early, so decided to sit on the grass and get some sunshine....I probably make quite an interesting sight sat here in my suit surrounded by my shoes, giant bottle of water and empty tetra! ?

    I'm beginning to worry about the weekend as iv only just realised how much of it revolved around food! Usually we'd wake up and make a nice breakfast, go shopping and maybe grab some lunch, then to m&s to buy something yummy to cook for dinner. Weekend evenings used to be all about cooking together and enjoying a good bottle of what?!?

    I think we might re-paint the house and garden furniture just to keep busy!

    Good luck today :)
  10. katecou

    katecou Member

    Hi all, thought I might join in here.
    Im on day 9 of SS, how are you finding the products? I haven't tried the poor ridges yet, but am looking forward to the bars from next week for a bit more variety! I'm finding it easier than I thought I would, especially not having to count calories or decide meals!
  11. slinkymelinkylonglegs

    slinkymelinkylonglegs Full Member

    Hi katecou, :)

    Day 9.....well done! Have you weighed yet?

    Day 5 for me and it's probably been the hardest yet in terms of food cravings. Iv stayed 100% though, so managing ok!

    How did you find your first weekend? I'm a little it concerned about the next few days!

    Iv tried the maple and pecan porridge and it was far too sweet for me, I actually swapped it along with the rice pudding with my consultant.

    Iv had a few of the lemon bars as consultant said those were fine and they are yummy! Quite artificial in texture, but still taste good!

    My favourite products are all 3 tetras, chilli soup, and choc/vanilla (with coffee) powders! What are you enjoying?

  12. katecou

    katecou Member

    Yes, -4lbs first week, and -7inches!
    I found the first weekend alright, just tried to keep myself busy. I'm sure you will do fine!
    I didn't like the rice pudding at all, my consultant didn't seem too keen about the porridge being nice so have just had shakes and soup so far. I didn't realise you could have the lemon bars in the first couple of weeks, I am keen to chew something again! My favourites are the oriental soup and all the chocolate shakes (not normally a fan of chocolate). I don't like the strawberry tetra as it was too sweet thought. The tomato soup was also not very nice, but the rest if the soups I have found alright.
    How are you managing with water? I found that hardest to begin with to drink enough!

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