Bellydancing is awesome


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Just been to my 1st belly dancing class.
Am wringing in sweat and knackered but it was so fabulous and it made me feel all womanly and curvy instead of fat and ugly.
If anyone has any near go go go
My mum went for a while (she's based in Birmingham) and said it was fantastic!! I wanna learn to salsa when I'm a bit fitter! :cool:
I reckon that belly dancing would have to be one THE best ways to exercise but given the state of my dough belly - so named because of the texture now that I have lost more than 4 1/2 stone off my top weight - I think I'd better tone up a bit first otherwise the music wil stop and my belly will stop 2 1/2 hours later :eek: :D
Butting in sorry but DQ - where is the Paul McKenna seminar - I had a look on the site and couldn't see anything but I could be looking in the wrong place!