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Belvita Breakfast Biscuits


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I have purchased some of these biscuits and when looking on the Slimming World web site the fruit and fibre ones are 3 syns each and the milk ones 2.5 syns each.

I have noticed some people use them as an HEX for breakfast, have I missed somewhere that says they are a HEX.

Does any one know the answer to this please.

The question also came up in class the other night and the consultant was going to look into it as people were having them for breakfast.
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I think they have too much fat and not enough fibre to make it as a HEx.
Maybe better than a 'normal' biscuit, but not 'that' much better. After all, most cereal bars don't make it as a HEx either!


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not a healthy extra, I'm afraid. I looked into this for my MIL.

My MIL eats these and one of her main bugbears about starting SW is that she can't eat a pack for breakfast. Of course she can, but she'd have to syn them, "thats not the point". She also disagrees with the alpen light bars being 3.5 syns, because "I eat 2 of those a day".

She confuses me.


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Yep, just a clever marketing ploy from the manufacturer to make us think they are a healthy alternative!
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They're evil! Step away!

I too was fooled into thinking they may be healthy, ate them before knowing syns.


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Can I just ask how big they are? I'm a bit of a biscuit fiend (loooove Jammie Dodgers but they're 4 syns each!) and I'm wondering whether they're big enough to justify the syns. sorry, that's confusing! If they're a decent size I'd be tempted to buy some and just syn a couple when I fancy a biscuit :) xx


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Oooh that's 8 syns of mine gone today then lol, think i'm better off trying to stick to weetabix for breakfast at least I know where I am then, I suppose it was a nice little treat and will just not have to buy any more from now on... I thought they would be good, oh well!


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Sales people are evil.

I might start marketing 'Breakfast Lard' or 'Breakfast Chocolate'.

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