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Best plan to follow...


Crawling to the finish!
In Paris? I've never been before so panicking a little about the cuisine as I'm
Going next week and would really love to stick to plan?? What plan would suit France best? We are b and b and I'm
Worried breakfast will consist purely of cakes a croissants :0) x
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Hmm, you might have to judge it when you get there. For a continental breakfast you should be ok on EE - cold meats for example, HE of cheese? I tend to flit from EE or Green depending on whether I'm having a meat free day, but I don't think Green would be very easy in Paris!


Crawling to the finish!
My wi is Saturday and we go Sunday afternoon so I can get 2 days good dieting in, maybe play the "make healthy choices, (healthiest!) when I'm there and then carry on on thurs and Friday? I am panicking tho haha x
I honestly think that on EE you could be ok. Do you eat fish? As long as you try and dodge sauces (bound to be loads of butter or cream!) then you'll probably be alright. Just try and count Syns while you are there so you can keep an eye on how it's going. Maybe try and have a low Syn couple of days before you go and when you come back? so that way you have more to play with when away.
I know the Dukan diet is big over in France - which is pretty much lots of meat and limited veg.
If restaurants and the like are used to catering for that you could always stick to red and then you have 2 B's to play with if a chunk of French stick just can't be avoided!!
Lucky you! I love Paris.

I've just had 4 days there and still managed to lose half a pound that week (even with all the vino I inhaled, I mean, drank!)

Breakfast, as Silvermaneuk said will most probably be a breeze - usually buffet style. Our hotel had muesli, lots of fruit, fat free natural yoghurt and loads of egg type stuff. I had muesli mixed into fat free yoghurt with fresh fruit. I had to tell myself to 'step away from the croissants' etc. Especially those choccy ones....

There is a big moroccan influence in Paris, which is good news on EE. I had couscous dishes or one night, a rather fabulous chicken tagine. Scrumptious. Have a look on Google at Chez Bebert - there are about 3 around Paris. We were staying in Montparnasse and there is one there. Get there early though as it gets very busy.

Another night I had grilled sea bass with the sauce on the side, served with julienne vegetables. It was delicious. (Check out Le Petit Sommelier - very French. Very good food).

During the day, most of the cafes serve SW friendly things like Omelettes. Just be careful about the cheese. Even if you ask for a plain one, there will be a HE or 3 hidden in it somewhere.

Wine is served in 120ml glasses. How rude. But very good for counting syns.

I could go on, but you're probably falling asleep by now?

Bon voyage!
Oh, forgot to say. I decided before I left to Flexisyn my trip so I allowed myself 45 syns per day for the trip. I went heavy on the speed and superfrees when I got back and managed the half pound loss, which I thought was a good result, to be honest!

I can't find the syn values for frogs legs or snails or horse meat in the book.. but I suppose as long as you take the skin off and trim off any visible fat you should be ok.. :D ;)


Crawling to the finish!
Ahhhh how exciting! I havnt been to France since I was a teen and now I'm excited for a romantic meal in Paris :0) hopefully I can pull this off! Wish me luck!!! Xx
I can't find the syn values for frogs legs or snails or horse meat in the book.. but I suppose as long as you take the skin off and trim off any visible fat you should be ok.. :D ;)

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