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Extra Easy Best way to cook a whole chicken...help

Hey all, I bought a whole chicken in Tesco today as they were half price per kg. I normally buy chicken breast fillets and wrap them in foil & cook in the oven.

I have NEVER cooked a whole chicken in my little life before though!

I was wondering what is the best way to cook it to keep it moist and also is there anything I can add to it to make it extra tasty but with very low syns or syn free?!?!

Many thanks girls :D
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I used to oven mine - just stick it in there and let it do its stuff. Now I do what circles said, leave it in the slow cooker and then take the cooked chicken off the bones and boil the bones in water to make stock for cooking or add veggies to make soup! YUM

Its great.

I put all purpose seasoning on my chicken this time - it was nice. I've heard some people spread garlic inside and out on theres.


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I use roasting bags ( saves cleaning the oven) sometimes I spatchcock it ie take the backbone out and squash it down as you can cook it in 45 mins. It's lovely done with red onions, garlic cloves and either fresh rosemary or thyme and lemon juice.
I put it in a roasting dish, crumble a chivken oxo on top, or sprinkle some shwartz chicken seasoning on it.
Cover the dish with foil. Put it in the oven gas 5 for about 2 hours. Take the foil off after 90 mins to brown the skin (even though you aren't going to eat it)
Make sure the juices run clear not pink when you put a knife inti the thickest part of the thigh, and you'll know it's cooked.
i cooked a chicken tonight my fave is to stab the chicken a few times to make a few incisions, pour on a little soya and worcestershire sauce, dollop of ketchup, a spoonful of honey and a sprinkle of chinese five spice. There you have the perfect b b que sauce, yummy. Bake in the oven untill brown and crispy.
I'm going to try the chiken in slow cooker next week, do you all leave the skins on when roasting?

What I usually do is sprinkle over some all purpose, salt and pepper, male lots of little knife slits, slice up some galric then put the garlic slices into the slits, then peel and half an onion and shove it in the cavity, roast it upside down then turn it the right way up for the last half hour or so.........yummers!!!!!
I was reading up on slow cookers yesterday and a lot of people said they layer the bottom with carrots & some were saying roll up 3 balls of tin foil and place the chicken on top to raise it.

Do you have to raise the chicken when cooking it then?!?! Thats the impression im getting lol

Ive reserved my slow cooker at Argos, got to pick it up later :D

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