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Best Wii Game for Execise??????????

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Well, I've over indulged all over Christmas and I've got a busy NewYears Eve and New Years Day, but then I want to start some exercise!!!:eek:

My daughter has had the 'Just Dance' Wii game which is great fun and must be good for toning unused muscles?? I just wondered if any of you guys have any other recommendations for good fun exercise using the Wii???
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Ooooh, I will be interested in this - I just got a WeeFit for cmas, but clueless about whats good!!

Is the dance one you used one that requires a special floor mat, or no? I would like to get a dance one. As long as I can draw the curtains!! lol :D
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No, no dance mat is needed Blonde Logic, and like you I think it will be great so long as no one is watching! Lol. I bought ours offf Amazon but my mates just bought it having played on ours and she bought it from Tesco's for £17!!! Really is great fun. I would rather do something like this than the Wii Fit because its such fun!
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I got the Biggest Loser for the Wii, and so far so good. ( Well its not been thrown out the house yet ;))
You can choose your trainer, you can also choose the length of programme that you do ( either 4 week, 8 week or 12 weeks), you can set the level you work at ( again beginner, intermediate or advanced) There's loads more on it, but seeing as I'm only 3 days in, I'm still discovering new wee bits on it :)
S: 21st4lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 7st3lb(33.89%)
Its a bit like going to a fitness class, with either Bob or Jillian telling you what to do ( I chose Bob as my trainer lol)
OK, today I did a 31 minute session, was 3 circuits of things like lunges, jogging, plank, plank with leg extensions. Basically there is cardio work, full body work outs, lower body work, upper body work, core work and yoga.
I found a video on youtube that shows some of the stuff YouTube - The Biggest Loser Wii Gameplay Video Trailer


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If you're serious about getting fit and changing your body shape then I recommend EA Sports Active. I nearly needed the paramedics the first time I tried it :eek: and I could hardly move after 2 days BUT it's totally changed my shape I've lost inches off everywhere.Even my knees!


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i have the wii fit and active and want to get the dance. The active is by far the best for reall work outs, however i struggle with a few of the activites. I cannot for the life of me get into the habit of using it either....if i could i would prob be fine and have great weight loss....its percerverance with any of them though.
It looks like it comes with the bits you need, I dont think you need the board.

Can someone tell me how ... big... the leg strap thing is??? haha. I have really chunky thighs and lots of these types of things dont seem to take bigger people into consideration all the time ;)


Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN
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Hey Jen....have just measured my leg strap and it's 29 inches.

My thigh is 27 and there's just enough to go thru and stick to the velcro.

I'm loving the ea sports active personal trainer. It really does work you!.

Hope this helps. x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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And when you've done the 30 day challenge on hard :eek: it's worth getting the follow up More Workouts. It has an ab section and the exercises are different.
I have wii fit plus its really good!
and i'm hoping to get Just Dance because it looks really good for exercise and it looks fun haha..also the biggest loser is around £9-£10 on play.com :] good luck


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I would recommend the biggest loser, i have enjoyed doing it and the first time i did it for 36 mins i did some core work and my stomach still ached when i laughed or coughed, so was doing some good. I think my weigh in is tomorrow. not that i have done much of it.
Wii plus fit is good too.
Good luck
NIkki x
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As of now I have the EA Active, and even on easy its a bit difficult for me. But I am really out of shape and have a few physical difficulties which make it harder. I'm going to work my way up to that one, though I highly recommend it. I ordered the Wii Fit and am excited about it. Originally I was going to get Jenny McCarthy's fitness game (the one with the Camera), but I read online that the camera registers best when you are 6-8 feet away from it and in our house that isn't feasable.

One game that I do recommend, though it may seem silly, is the We Cheer. It looks cutesy but its harder than it looks, and it works your arms out. If you have any young children in the house (younger than I'd say 9) it might be TOO difficult for them.


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Aah I love we cheer! Its brilliant. 'My fitness coach cardio workout' is another good one; you can use the wii board if you have one, but you don't really need it. :)

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